Leo: July 22 - August 22

A Leo Relationship

So you're interested in a Leo relationship? It's not hard to be attracted by the powerful, regal appearance of a Leo, or to their sunny dispositions. Often you'll find them as the center of attention.

In fact, it seems to be natural for them to take the center wherever they go.

If you're out with a Leo for a private lunch or dinner, don't be surprised if you find people looking at you; someone neither of you know may walk over just to ask "do I know you from somewhere" because of many Leo's auras of fame and fortune that follow them around, no matter how they present themselves.

Don't get jealous of your Leo friend in a situation like this; if they're with you, you're the focus of their attention, not someone on the other side of the room.

Doing things the dramatic way

It seems that most Leos, whether intentionally or not, cannot help but add a dramatic flourish to their gestures or speech. Yes, they attract attention, but more often than not, this is as natural to them as breathing. When they tone it down, they can be very influential and effective; even their presence seems to subtly affect the behavior of others around them.

If a Leo has become attached to you, you'll really know it; their loyalty to you is unquestioned, and they will work hard to prove it. No matter what their financial situation may be, they have a way of entertaining you such that you feel like royalty, even if you're the one picking up the tab, and that doesn't happen too often.

Leo relationships; the down side

It's rare to find a Leo who is not in a relationship, and when you do, you have a fairly miserable Lion on your hands. Although they manage to keep their composure and retain their regal bearing, they aren't the best company if they've just broken up with someone.

They aren't down in the dumps for long; they will go through a period of angry grieving, then a period of feeling sorry for themselves (which usually turns into feeling sorry for the person they've broken up with) and almost immediately go back on the prowl for a new mate.

If you manage to avoid them during the angry period they're much easier to deal with. Of course, if your Leo friend is in one of these states, you can always break them of their remorseful mood by using the magic catnip of flattery. Never sympathize with them; compliments work better than empathy.

Leo relationships; the bright side

All Leos, whether male or female, are driven by a desire to make their mark on the world, and when you are counted among their intimates, they'll let you do some of the carving.

It's likely that a Leo will lavish both attention and money on you; they tend to be a bit extravagant at times, but they honestly want to do the best they can to see to it that you're happy.

Leos almost always will extend an open invitation to their friends to share their homes; they make the most wonderful hosts and hostesses, and try to make sure that everyone has a good time.

If you have a Leo for a friend, you never need to feel threatened; they will defend you with all their considerable power. They are filled with faith and self-confidence, and will never leave you feeling disappointed.