Leo: July 22 - August 22

Leo Sign Meaning

What is the meaning of the Leo sign? Leo, the playful and proud lion is the 5th sign of the Zodiac and the 2nd of the Fire Signs. Leo's nature is like that of a controlled fire; luxurious in its warmth and at the center of activity in the camp, and in ancient times, the home.

Leo is also the second of the Fixed Signs, which lends to them the aura of importance and stateliness that almost all respect.

They tend to have a strange effect on people that causes them to stand a little taller when in the presence of this proud and regal sign; this combination of element and quality causes them to be stylish, and always at the center of attention.

Like the games, stories and songs that people enjoy around the hearth, or anticipate before the spotlight falls on the star of the show, the Leo can be quite playful, and most people think of them as being lovable.

The dramatic and stylish way they present themselves is hard to dislike, and their natural talent for keeping things under control or on course is usually the key to their success.

House of the Sun

Like Cancer is the Moon's only house, Leo is the only house of the Sun; no other planet is grand enough to outshine the Sun's power in this sign. This is of particular interest and note as it has a powerful impact on the Leo sign and its meaning. It is the astrological reason behind the noticeable pride of people born under this sign.

The typical Leo has a certainty about them that causes them to both demand and command respect from others. The Leo not only likes being at the center of things; they feel like that's where they belong, and this is why so many teachers, politicians and psychiatrists are born under this sign.

Like the Sun, who is constantly giving, the Leo is known to be generous and trustworthy; it's almost impossible to do a favor for a Leo without receiving one in return.

And like the Sun, who begins to blaze forth after the depths of winter, the Leo is very sympathetic and forgiving, never forgetting the cosmic duty to feed all of nature with its apparently inexhaustible energy.

Leo's basic personality

Leo's sign meaning is imbued in Leo's personality. Leo prefers to be supportive rather than supported. Leo people may complain from time to time that they're carrying everyone else's burdens, but they really love to do so, and only complain in order to get the sympathy returned to them that they give out to others; they refuse help for carrying out their duties, probably more than any other sign except maybe Aries.

A Leo rarely says something that they don't mean, and are serious about keeping their commitments. It's almost impossible to distract them from what they are doing or persuade them to change their opinions, but they are quite convincing and find it easy to change the opinions of others.

In times of difficulty, they find it easier than most to carry out whatever duties they need to. When they call upon their inner resources they are truly courageous, and may even seem invulnerable.

They can be fiercely protective of others, and are known to be loyal in the extreme, but they demand the same kind of loyalty to be returned to them. Leo is one of the most affectionate of signs, and even when Leo people are standing in the spotlight, they will not forget those who helped them get there.