Leo: July 22 - August 22

Leo Traits

Leo traits are represented by the fiery and charismatic sign of the lion. Leo occupies the fifth position in the sequence of the zodiac. Ruled by the warm and benevolent Sun - the planet that oversees such things as force of will, creativity, and individuality.

Leo natives are by nature larger than life, artistic, and highly unique individuals. The following are some of the traits and characteristics most widely associated with those born under this proud and jovial sign:

Altruistic and Caring

Leo natives possess some of the biggest hearts out there and this can easily be seen in the way these souls will do just about anything for others and especially for those special few lucky enough to be close to their hearts.

Although they show a particularly marked fondness for children and animals, these really are folks that have a soft spot for anyone in need. They are generous not only with their time and their attention, but also their money.

It is not at all uncommon to find major philanthropists with strong Leo influences in their birth charts.

Outgoing and Confident

Leo traits are nothing if not sociable, so many people born under this sign love nothing so much as they love a good party or social event.

They love to share all that they have with other people and will continue to do so indefinitely so long as they're being showed their own due when it comes to reciprocal appreciation and affection.

Leos are also confident sorts who are always up for a little stimulating conversation and they certainly know that they're worth talking to. However, this proud, confident sign can tend toward snobbishness, conceit, or over-domination if they aren't careful to keep their trademark confidence in check.

Adventurous and Excitement-Loving

A notable Leo traits is that they never do anything the small way. Ruled by the bright and flamboyant Sun, these are flashy, extravagant folks who are natural performers that love being the center of attention. They seek out adventure at every turn and many actually enjoy living lives that come alongside a small serving of drama.

If earth signs like Virgo or Capricorn figure prominently in a Leo's birth chart, the trademark Leo trait for the extreme may be tempered, although certainly not extinguished.

Excellent Leadership Capacity

Although it is a Leo trait to require connection with a mate and loved ones in order to achieve true emotional security, they are nevertheless very independent people. In fact, their independence combined with their drive to be fair and altruistic forms the ideal personality for leadership.

People naturally tend to gravitate toward these charismatic individuals and look to them for help or guidance. Due to their inherent need to be needed, Leos find much fulfillment in this state of affairs and may even decide to pursue leadership or counseling on a professional basis.

Artistic and Creative

Thanks to the radiant influence of the Sun, Leos are creative types who come into this world with a natural flare for the arts. This Leo trait is especially apparent when it comes to the performing arts.

Although the world can certainly boast its share of Leo painters, writers, and musicians, there are an astounding number of world-class actors, dancers, and filmmakers out there who have a strong Leo influence in their charts to thank for their successes as well.