Leo: July 22 - August 22

The Leo Woman

So you're interested in a Leo Woman? It's hard not to be attracted by a Leo woman. Chances are good that she may be the most popular person you know. If you are just getting to know her, be prepared to deal with competition ...because there will be plenty.

You may even have to deal with exes who are trying desperately to win her back.

She'll probably be the leader of the pack among her girlfriends, and unless you are bringing some dynamic drive and real sensitivity to the table, she might just consider you as another one of the common folk she has no time for.

But, if the Leo woman has shown interest in you, then you're in, and all you have to do is spend some time developing really creative and original compliments, and you'll find yourself in the position of being a happy consort to the queen.

The play's the thing

Almost all Leo women love the theater. Being natural actresses, they tend to pick up behaviors and cues from theatrical productions or films unconsciously. Don't take a Leo women to a movie that is full of female kung fu stars, or you'll end up with one on your hands.

She loves elegance and glamour as well. Don't think that she'll be happy with a weekly Pizza at home; she wants to see and be seen in places that are rated with a large number of stars.

She won't mind doing a date with shared expenses from time to time, but she can't stand less than top quality surroundings; if she overextends herself financially, it's because of things like the cost of her apartment or her wardrobe, and she certainly won't accept simpler fare in order to be with someone she cares about. Her home is her stage, and she is too good an actress to be involved in an off-Broadway run.

Don't fault a Leo Woman

Do your best not to fault your Lioness when she shows signs of vanity and pride. These are natural characteristics, and she seldom acts in these ways consciously.

Don't worry about her instantly becoming the center of attention in a social scene; that sort of thing will happen to her whether she wants it to or not, but then again, she doesn't mind the attention.

It's not a good idea to question her loyalty; others take her poise, bearing and mannerisms as flirtatious, and even when she is being a little flirtatious with others, it's not with the intention of straying from the relationship she's in.

If you listen in on her laughing and conversations in one of these social scenes, you'll quickly figure out that she has a way of not letting people get too familiar with her.

If she's committed, she's happy

Like Leo males, the Leo woman does not like being a solo act. Once she's established a relationship with you, she's totally committed to keeping it happy and fulfilling. Leo women may have their quirks, but always looking for greener grass isn't one of them.

Don't try to tie her down or keep her in a gilded cage, because that's just not her style. It might be a good idea to expect her to have her own career, but the career will always take second place in her life to the relationship she has with you.