Zodiac Love Matches

Libra Woman Aquarius Man

Our Libra Woman and Aquarius Man compatibility rating is 7. The elements are the same, making the qualities work together. The planets don't find it hard to work out their differences when of the same element, but they do have differences.

If these two are committed to working out differences, this relationship rating graduates to an 8.

The Elements

Both are Air - Air is the element of both signs, showing you to have similar goals and ideals. This also makes for excellent chemistry. Sometimes there can be too much friction.

The Qualities

Cardinal vs Fixed - Libra, being a Cardinal Sign, wants to lead. Aquarius is content to remain set in their ways, no matter how unusual those ways may be.

The Planets

Venus & Saturn vs Saturn & Uranus - Venus is your ruling planet; Saturn is exalted in Libra. Saturn and Uranus are the co-rulers of Aquarius. These planets can get along, but there's not a lot of emotional common ground in their combination.

Love and Romance

Almost all signs of the same element share certain characteristics, likes and dislikes, but this is a case in which this sharing may not be the key factor in a positive relationship. Uranus, the co-ruler of Aquarius, tends to throw the elemental chemistry for a loop. As a Libra Woman, you tend to be fond of comfort and luxury, and sometimes, have a hard time being concerned with the difficulties in life. Your Aquarius Man's humanitarian impulse seldom causes him to turn a blind eye to problems, and may consider this Libran trait to be selfish. He focuses more on justice than fairness, your chief goal. You may need to change your priorities, and accept his view of love as an extension of friendship in order to keep him happy. At the same time, he'll need to focus on his conversational abilities and innovative thinking in order to keep from losing you, because these gifts of his are likely to be why you fell for him in the first place. You have many tastes and interests in common and similar dreams and ideals. There's no reason to let the relationship fall apart because of temporary personal differences.

The Keys to Success

Don't try to push his opinions.

Don't try to talk your Aquarius Man into "taking the next step" in your relationship. He is pretty solid on his opinions, and if he's not pushing to "kick things up a notch" he has a good reason. Remember, Saturn is his co-ruler, and seldom does anything spontaneously, and Uranus, his other ruler, doesn't usually do things in the way you'd expect. Be patient.

Don't hammer on his character flaws.

If you get into an argument, don't try to point out flaws in his character. It's almost impossible for him to admit them, because he either doesn't recognize them, or defines them differently from the way you do. On top of that, Aquarius Men don't like to argue. He believes that arguing is a waste of time; that life is too short to waste it on anger. This aspect of his nature will probably take some getting used to.

He may need help with friendship vs love.

He will certainly admire the fact that you always strive to be fair and impartial, and you will admire the tolerance and friendliness in the way he goes about his life. He's not ambitious, and values friendship highly; you may have to point out to him the difference between friendship and love, unless he gets it, and expresses it right away. Even if he does, he is likely to refer to you as a friend from time to time. Don't let it get on your nerves.

Final Score: Libra Woman Aquarius Man compatibility = 70%.

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