Zodiac Love Matches

Libra Woman Aries Man

Our Libra Woman and Aries Man compatibility rating is 9. Both of you are born under Cardinal signs, and the Fire and Air elements are sympathetic to one another. Mars and Venus are the opposites that attract each other the most, and the Sun and Saturn, the exalted planets of your signs, are complimentary, making up for the difference in your values.

An Aries Man is one of the best matches in the Zodiac for you Libra.

The Elements

Air vs Fire - You'll have to be careful of his fiery temperament, and learn to let it burn out on its own, rather than trying to blow it out yourself. You'll also need to avoid letting his impulsiveness turn your calm into a dangerous updraft. The good news is that this rarely happens, and is over quickly when it does.

The Qualities

Both are Cardinal - As with all Cardinal Sign pairs, you both want to be leaders. That's OK, though; your ability to lead through logic and determination matches perfectly with his ability to take charge through ambition and faith in himself, as long as you have faith in him too.

The Planets

Venus & Saturn vs Mars & the Sun - Your Venusian drive for harmony and fairness is almost perfectly matched to his drive for success and recognition. Saturn's power of patience and independence can help temper his boldness and pride; you each have what the other needs accept each other as who you both are and as equals.

Love and Romance

Other than learning to put up with his impatience, and his learning to deal with your often lengthy decision making process, there is little that can upset the natural harmony between a Libra woman and an Aries Man. He may throw your scales out of balance every once and awhile, but when you use your Libra smile and Venusian charm to point out his ill-considered move, he'll quickly apologize and try not to do it again. Fortunately, you also apologize quickly, and the flow of passion and trust can resume. He'll need a lot of sensitivity to handle your balanced and logical view of the world, just as you'll need a lot of self control to maintain your composure when his "I'm right" attitude defies all reason. But his passion matches yours in such a way that's impossible to deny, you two are good together. Period.

The Keys to Success

Frame your criticism carefully.

Even when you know you're right and he's wrong, try to frame your criticism in a way that makes him feel justified and secure. Praise him for his efforts before pointing out his errors, because most of the time, his mistakes will be innocent, and his regret or amends for having said or done something that hurt you will always be sincere.

Use your charm to sooth his moods.

Try to learn that when he's being commanding, it's because of he's subconsciously driven to be first, or, at the very least, on time. Plan in advance so you don't have to spend time deciding what to wear or which route to take. He can be quite upset about indecisiveness, but remember, your charm is the antidote for even his worst mood.

Be patient and leave old wounds behind you.

Learn to be patient with him, and don't wound his pride by reminding of old mistakes. Your need to talk things over will never bore him, and eventually become a great comfort to the both of you. You'll find romancing each other so easy that it becomes as natural as breathing; he can be the most sentimental and passionate mate you can imagine.

Final Score: Libra Woman Aries Man compatibility = 90%.

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