Zodiac Love Matches

Libra Woman Capricorn Man

Our Libra Woman and Capricorn Man compatibility rating is 5. The elements are discordant, marking the differing viewpoints of Libra and Capricorn. This makes the Cardinal quality more competitive than usual. The planets offer some help as they are somewhat balanced.

There can be a relationship here, but won't be an easy one.

The Elements

Air vs Earth - Being one of the mentally focused and flexible Air Signs, you tend to think differently from the practical and results oriented nature of the Earth Sign Capricorn. These differences could be difficult to reconcile.

The Qualities

Both are Cardinal - Both you and Capricorn are Cardinal Signs, and because of the elemental mismatch, you'll tend to compete with one another for dominance in the relationship.

The Planets

Venus & Saturn vs Saturn & Mars - The peace loving nature of Venus is in accord with the nature of Saturn, who would rather avoid conflict. Because of Saturn being your exalted planet, you'll tend to look up to Capricorn's practicality and determination. Capricorn's planet, Mars, is the source of his drive and ambition, which is what he idealizes.

Love and Romance

There are several things that you and he will immediately agree on. Fairness is your guiding light, and he considers unfairness impractical, because it invites conflict. You strive for peace and harmony, and he believes that they promote happiness among people, and less chance of their becoming rebellious or otherwise upsetting his plans. But then you have points of disagreement; you might think he's stubborn, but this is because he is firm in his opinions, which have been well thought out; he's likely to think of you as being a procrastinator and indecisive because of the process through which you make decisions. A Capricorn will take his time when making decisions in order to minimize the potential for error or failure, while you'll take your time in order to insure fairness and balance. Nevertheless, you both probably love the arts, and you'll find that he can be quite funny in his own way. He'll find your charm to be of great comfort to him, even though you may think he's immune to it, at least early in the relationship.

The Keys to Success

Realize you have different views on money.

You both have different ideas about money. He believe that it's the key to security, and that security is the chief component of happiness. You'll tend to skip the security step, and use it to enjoy yourself. It's a good idea to focus on things that will increase in value or are built to last if you're buying him a gift, and don't volunteer the cost to him.

Understand that his compliments don't come easy.

Being ruled by Saturn, your Capricorn Man has a tremendous amount of self-control. This may make him a little slow to speak the kind of compliments and endearments that you like to hear. He's a pessimist, and plans for the worst, but when the best happens, he's thrilled and completely happy. You're an optimist, and he'll enjoy your happy comments and cheerful demeanor, and because Capricorns seem to age in reverse, will come to be more congenial himself, in time.

Know that he is not going to be as social as you.

Don't try to force him to enjoy the kind of social activity that you do. This won't mean that you have to say goodbye to the good life, all it means is that he may give you the freedom to enjoy those things you enjoy; once you've earned his trust. Your penchant for logical argument can help in this regard; he'll appreciate your wanting to do the right thing and will reward you with unshakeable trust, loyalty and devotion.

Final Score: Libra Woman Capricorn Man compatibility = 50%.

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