Zodiac Love Matches

Libra Woman Gemini Man

Our Libra Woman and Gemini Man compatibility rating is 9. Being born into the same element and having planets that don't get in each others' way overrides the fact that your qualities are different. They only represent the way you express your basic qualities not how well you get along with one another.

There is bound to be some friction in this relationship, but a little adaptability and reason makes this a top tier relationship.

The Elements

Both are Air - The Air signs are noted for their intellect and acumen, and your signs are no exception. You may have different mental styles, but you have tremendous chemistry and more in common than you can imagine.

The Qualities

Cardinal vs Mutable - Because you are born in the Cardinal Sign of Venus, you will usually get your way whenever you can present your case. He is born into a Mutable sign and it represents his willingness to adapt to his romantic feelings and settle down - with you.

The Planets

Venus & Saturn vs Mercury - Venus and the exalted Saturn are your planets, Mercury is his. Your planets represent your drive to achieve fairness and justice, while Mercury gives him his conversational skills and youthful appearance.

Love and Romance

This is always an exciting relationship, because seduction is a game that both of your signs play so well, it will be hard to remember who won, once you are in the throes of your passion for one another. It's a force of nature that works both ways; Libra is about the only sign who can talk a Gemini Man into settling down, and think that it's a decision he made all on his own. Although you are a Cardinal sign, and will probably win the game of romance, eventually he will figure out what happened (he's not one to settle down, and will likely start wondering why he did it). That's OK, though, because you have the secret weapon of charm to use, which you are far more skilled at than Men born under your sign. Although this little power struggle may seem like a cause for concern, the two of you are almost perfectly compatible.

The Keys to Success

Use your charm to draw out his sincerity and compassion.

Sometimes he can be fiercely critical, and maybe even shock you with the accuracy of his attacks. It's something to be expected from someone with the Mercurial gift of gab that he possesses. Things will settle down to normal. Once you have charmed his sincerity and compassion into the situation, he'll work hard to get you to ignore and forget his negativity, and you probably will.

Learn to avoid his logical traps.

Fairness is often a weapon you use to get your way; he is more dependent on his skills. The same is true in almost all aspects of life, because you are both doers, and love being out there in the world of networking and competition. You need to learn your way around the logical traps he tries to snare you in; that will make the argument, the relationship and you even more important and enjoyable to him. Don't be boring.

Laugh at each others idiosyncrasies.

Try to get some laughs out of how he changes his mind, and let him laugh about your indecisiveness; these are such obvious traits of your signs that will help you become a little less rigid, and help him to become a little more "down to earth." Entertain him with your imagination and sense of artistry, and give him room for his networking and social activity, and you'll be a happy couple for a very long time.

Final Score: Libra Woman Gemini Man compatibility = 90%.

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