Zodiac Love Matches

Libra Woman Leo Man

Our Libra Woman and Leo Man compatibility rating is 8. The elements, qualities and planets work well together. If you are fair, each of you will get what you want and what you need from the other.

If the two of you work to keep competition, jealousy and power-struggles out of the picture, this relationship improves to a 9.

The Elements

Air vs Fire - The Air element of Libra perfectly complements the fiery and impulsive nature of Leo. These elements also bring your ruling planets into harmonious operation.

The Qualities

Cardinal vs Fixed - The qualities of the signs work well together due to the elemental harmony and the nature of the planetary rulers. Through gentle and subtle leadership (your Cardinal quality) he feels stable and settled (his Fixed quality) with you.

The Planets

Venus & Saturn vs The Sun - Venus is the source of your almost overwhelming charm, and the exaltation of Saturn brings the logical, independent nature that makes you so fair and balanced. The Sun is Leo's planet, and represents the warmth and generosity, as well as the prideful nature exhibited by him. The elemental harmonies enable these planets to work in beautiful synchronization with one another to keep the passion flowing and the relationship strong.

Love and Romance

You know, as a Libra Woman, exactly how powerful and intelligent you are, and how to deal with challenges to your ambition. Your mixture of charm and logic operate in a harmonious fashion in such a way that he almost envies it. He'll be fiercely protective you because of the way you know how to make him feel like the king of the castle, and he'll be very happy to make whatever efforts he can to see to it you're pleased with him. The powerful romantic attraction that binds you together will probably overcome any temptations that may lay siege to your relationship. As long as you never let him suspect that the meekness and agreeable nature that you exhibit is sometimes deliberate, rather than the expression of absolute devotion, or that you're aware of how strongly your attention and compliments affect his decisions, this can be a romance that is legendary.

The Keys to Success

See through his "me first" behavior.

Many women can become quite upset with his "me first" behavior, but you have a special advantage in that you can see right through it. Whatever he may deny you at one moment will probably come to you as a gift from him later, because he can't stand the idea that he's making you unhappy.

Your reasoning will rub off in time.

Your reasoning ability will begin to rub off on your man in time, but he will express it differently. While you tend to be more logical and systematic in your methods, he tends to be more spontaneous and generous. He'll surprise you with his gentle and affectionate nature, and do almost anything to protect the relationship, as long as you let him know that he's the king of the castle, whether you're running it's affairs or not.

Work to reassure each other often.

The typical Leo Man has a much happier and more prosperous life once he is in a relationship or marriage than he is when he's single. He feels this, and he'll rarely do anything to endanger your relationship. But his radiant appearance and affectionate manner are highly attractive to other women, and your charm and intelligence draw the unwanted attention of other men. You need to reassure him often, as he will do for you. Remember, Leo is considered one of the most loyal signs in the Zodiac.

Final Score: Libra Woman Leo Man compatibility = 80%.

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