Zodiac Love Matches

Libra Woman Libra Man

Our Libra Woman and Libra Man compatibility rating is 9. Since you are both born into the same sign, the elements and qualities are the same. You also have the same ruling and exalted planet. This makes for a favorable match.

Because of the discussion-oriented nature of the sign, some challenges will occur; but nothing insurmountable.

The Elements

Both are Air - All men and women born under Libra need to have plenty of fresh air. Your physical chemistry is excellent, and your motives and goals are similar. Chances are good that you'll support each others' efforts.

The Qualities

Both of you are born into a Cardinal Sign of leadership. This situation may not be an "all bosses and no employees" situation, however, because of the nature of Venus, your planetary ruler.

The Planets

Venus and Saturn are your planets, and they provide similar goals and dreams, and equal effort to make those dreams into your reality.

Love and Romance

All Libra people love to talk. There is no doubt that there will be many discussions between you on nearly every subject. There is something else that you have in common, however, that could be a cause for friction. Libra needs equal amounts of activity and rest. You probably have already recognized your pattern of having periods of furious activity and irrepressible enthusiasm, followed by periods of inactivity necessary to recharge yourself. If your cycle happens to synch up with that of his, then there will be periods during which both of you will run around frantically, and are likely to be a little irritated, or even argue, when you can't make appointments with one another or get in each others' way. If these cycles are out of synch, then it's likely that when you are in the high part of the cycle, you'll feel that it is he who is at his low, is being uncooperative, lazy and worst of all, unfair. Fairness is the greatest virtue to people born under your sign, and you seldom do anything you don't truly believe in. Your ability to weigh the pros and cons of any issue before making a decision makes it easy to work this out; discuss it from the very beginning and be sensitive to what part of the cycle the other is in, and you'll be in really good shape.

The Keys to Success

Let common sense and logic rule.

Try to avoid discussions that any logical person would disagree with. It's important that you apply your common sense with him and don't let friends or relatives push you into arguing with him. Neither of you cares much about who "wins" or "loses", but you could become the victim of others' irrational jealousy of your happy and balanced relationship.

Find peace and quiet to enjoy together.

All Libra Men love music, and you do to; it's likely that you'll have a superb collection when they are gathered together. At the same time, you both dislike loud noise and chaotic environments. If either of you has a profession that puts you in such an environment, you should be looking for alternatives, and support each others' decision to do so.

Dream big.

Because you and he are born into a Cardinal Sign, neither of you is happy with a mundane, go-nowhere, take orders existence. Many Libra couples take turns supporting the other while advancing their education or doing other activities that lead toward independence and success. Don't leave your dreams up in the air; Saturn enables you to bring them down to earth.

Final Score: Libra Woman Libra Man compatibility = 90%.

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