Zodiac Love Matches

Libra Woman Taurus Man

Our Libra Woman and Taurus Man compatibility rating is 6. Although the elements clash and the difference between the qualities is emphasized by the elements, the planets will work well together as long as you don't try to force him to go outside his comfort zone.

Find a way to involve him in your social activities to help strengthen this relationship.

The Elements

Air vs Earth - Air Signs, of which Libra is one, have a more mental and verbal orientation, while the Earth Signs, to which Taurus belongs, are more physical and emotional in their ways.

The Qualities

Cardinal vs Fixed - The Cardinal nature of your sign pushes you to do things in an active, forthright, positive fashion, while the Fixed nature of Taurus prompts the men born under this sign to act in a more practical and steady way. He's going to be less concerned about "winning" than you are, and more set in his opinions.

The Planets

Venus & Saturn vs Venus & the Moon - Libra and Taurus are the signs of Venus, and this is definitely in your favor, but you have a different way of working with this planet's peaceful and harmonious nature. Where you strive for balance and fairness, your Taurus Man strives for tranquility and security. With Saturn as your exalted planet, you have something of an advantage, because it adds to your persistence and patience, and makes you less dependent on the opinions of others. Because of the Lunar influence in Taurus, he may rely on the opinions and ideas of others, but it gives him his strong need for security, and increases his loyalty and devotion to you.

Love and Romance

Physical charm is likely to be what initially attracts you to him, and this physical charm works its way into the most intimate corners of your relationship. However, your mental attitudes are quite different from one another, and require adjustments on both your parts. As a Libra Woman, you'll weigh every aspect of a point of discussion carefully before making a decision, and do so through conversation, in order to be fair. He will make up his mind silently, and easily becomes bored with any further discussion, and may not have much to contribute to your process other than his firm opinion. At the same time, he will always respond to your smile and your passionate embrace in kind; there's not likely to be a lack of sensual pleasure between you


The Keys to Success

Use charm and logic to change his mind.

Your combination of charm and logic is about the only thing that can change his mind, if you sprinkle it with a dose of flattery and don't do it too often. It's something that you should not take lightly, because for most anyone else, it's impossible. Try to focus on things that will make him feel more secure and masculine, and you'll almost never fail.

Don't be wasteful or reckless with money.

Be careful about the way you manage your expenses, because he will bolt if he thinks you're wasteful or reckless when it comes to money. His fear of poverty is comparable to your fear of being ignored or unloved, and you know how that affects you.

Watch out for any sign of jealousy.

Your man is likely to be jealous or possessive to a degree. He may not voice his complaints about your behavior until it comes to the point where he's already angry, so try to give him plenty of your time and reassurance. If you do, you won't have an enraged Taurus on your hands, and that's something nobody wants.

Final Score: Libra Woman Taurus Man compatibility = 60%.

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