Libra: September 23 - October 22

How to Attract a Libra Man

Know how to attract a Libra man? Libra men often perceive the physical attractiveness of their chosen mate as proof of their own artistic sensibilities. Therefore, they tend to seek a partner blessed with excellent facial features and a stunning physique who also knows how to enhance those gifts with a sense of style.

This emphasis on physical beauty may shift somewhat for the sort of Libra who emphasizes the sign's values of peace, harmony and tranquility.

Show him your artistic side

One of the best ways to attract a Libra man is through showing your artistic ability and/or your connection to the world of creativity.

You might want to casually mention to him that you play an instrument or that your paintings were once displayed in a gallery. He might also be impressed by your season tickets to the opera or the fact that you once had a long conversation with his favorite novelist.

Once you have gained his respect by revealing your own artistic side, ask him about his creativity. Even Libras who work as accountants usually have creative dreams, or may have majored in the arts in college before switching to a more lucrative field which would support expensive tastes.

A Libra lawyer may spend his after-work hours playing an instrument or sculpting. Show interest and support for any of his creative side-projects.

Appeal to his vanities

Give a Libra man intelligent compliments that demonstrate your intelligence as well as your admiration. Let him know you think he has great taste, whether he is an urbane world traveler sporting a new Italian leather jacket or a bouncer in a concert t-shirt.

The same principle applies to his home. A wealthy Libra will be gratified if people notice that his living room furniture includes rare antiques or was created by a famous designer.

A Libra from a lower income bracket will want people to comment on how well he has assembled his choice thrift shop finds.

Infiltrate his social networks

To attract a Libra man keep in mind that he wants a partner who will attend the many social engagements he has scheduled. He usually has a set of overlapping social networks related to his various interests.

Depending on the individual, you may go to synagogue events, political fundraisers, family barbecues or cocktail parties with his co-workers. Also, he will want the two of you to go to cultural events together. Your ability to fit in all these settings will make him think more highly of you.

Avoid emotional dramas

Remember that Libras like to flirt and have a hard time making up their minds. Do not assume that a string of good dates or even several months as a couple means that you are mated for life.

Keep things simple between the two of you for a while. Emotional dramas tend to repel Libras. Many Libra men consider monogamy unnatural so it this is something extremely important to you; take careful stock of your individual Libra's beliefs and proclivities.

Remember that there will be others out there who know how to attract a Libra man as well. You should review our other pages about Libra to get the edge on them.