Libra: September 23 - October 22

Libra in Love

For a Libra in love, the saying that "Beauty is only skin deep" makes little sense. Good looks and beauty count for a lot in Libra's book of love. To a Libra, it is as a matter of standards not snobbery.

Although they will overlook a flaws in a friend's appearance, they want a spouse who looks good.

Ideally, this means not just someone who optimizes an average set of features, but a person born with many genetic gifts.

However, beauty alone is not enough.


Libras tend to have large and diverse social circles. They want partners who intuitively know how to dress and behave at a wide range of occasions-from a barbecue in the country to an elegant dinner in the city.

It is unlikely that a Libra in love would choose a mate that is shy or socially awkward. Libras are the diplomats of the universe and they seek someone who can play the diplomat's spouse: behaving gracefully, speaking to everyone at a party, but possessing an unerring instinct for whom to cultivate or who requires special attention.


Artistic skills also matter a great deal to Libra.

They find someone all the more attractive upon learning that person paints in oils, used to play in a chamber orchestra, published a novel or teaches dance. They also admire someone who knows how decorate a home with flair and style.

The more an individual can seem to embody the qualities of Venus-beauty, relating, creativity-the more Libra will want that person as a partner.


In turn, they want someone who appreciates their own Venus qualities.

Part of the way Libra expresses their allegiance to Venus is through choosing the finest of what they see, adorning themselves and their abodes with exquisite examples of beauty.

Although Libras will not seek out compliments, they have higher esteem for those intelligent enough to notice the distinctive works of art on their walls or the silk scarf or tie they picked up on their last trip to Italy.

They also love it when someone praises them in whatever area they direct their creativity, whether it is jewelry-making, songwriting or some other field.


A Libra in love will focus a great deal of their identity on their partnership.

This means they want a partner who also considers the relationship very important. Libra wants a mate who will take the time to talk about the relationship, defining its terms and boundaries so that both parties feel fairly treated.

Libra will grow very frustrated if their chosen mate seems to take the partnership for granted and/or ignores the rules they have outlined together for their union.