Libra: September 23 - October 22

Libra Personality

As the symbol of the scale indicates, the Libra personality is one that seeks fairness and balance, as well as peace and harmony in all aspects of life. Ruled by the lovely, creative Venus, the Libra personality is highly motivated by the concepts of beauty and creativity as well.

A Libra out there in the world cares about appearances and considers them to be extremely important. Under this sign's influence, we find natural entertainers, romantics, and socialites.

However, many Librans can sometimes appear superficial and shallow. Some may even lie to maintain the status quo. Even so, it is important to note that these are people who always have the best of intentions in all that they do and say.

The Seventh House of Partners and Relationships

If the first house is the sector of the cosmic wheel that represents the self, then it isn't hard to imagine that the seventh house in direct opposition to it would be all about connections to others.

Libra rules over this house and it is indeed the house that governs relationships and partnerships of all types - specifically relationships between equals.

Marriages are indicated here, as are business partnerships and strong friendships. When it is necessary to determine how a particular individual relates to key people in their life, this is the house to which astrologers will look for answers.

We see the influence of this house on the Libra personality in the way social connections and people are the motivation behind much of what a Libran does. More than any other sign, Libra needs plenty of friends and especially requires a connection with a partner in order to be and do its best.

We also see this house's mark in the Libran concern with equality and harmony. Libra will stop at nothing to keep the peace and will always choose to preserve it at all costs.

Air: Movement, Thought, and Inspiration Personified

Libra is one of the three zodiac signs ruled by the intuitive and idea-oriented element of air. Air signs like Libra are very inspiration-oriented and thought-driven as a result. The Libra personality will tend to approach dilemmas and situations from the position of the mind, as opposed to the heart.

However, depth is not a strong suit associated with the element of air and especially with Libra in particular. Care should be taken to look deeply enough before committing to a particular stance or position if negative outcomes are to be avoided.

We can further see the influence of air in the Libran tendency to enjoy discussion of culture, art, and deeper subjects. However, it is also responsible for the Libran tendency to waffle on decisions and have trouble with commitment or taking things seriously enough when it comes to life.

The Libra personality can often be too breezy and not grounded enough if they don't happen to possess more stable, reliable placements elsewhere in their birth charts. They must work to cultivate traits like responsibility and diligence in order to achieve maximum success in life.

Venus: Planet of Beauty and Love

In Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love, desire, and creativity. Artists, romantics, and social people from all walks of life were her special protegees.

Venus's rulership over Libra can be seen in the sign's great attention to detail when it comes to appearances - both in regards to themselves, their relationships, and their homes.

It is also responsible for the Libran concern with harmony in relationships and partnerships of all sorts.