Libra: September 23 - October 22

A Libra Relationship

It can take a thick hide to be in a Libra relationship, but their charm makes up for the ups and downs one feels while those scales are being balanced. Libras are very social and it can be an absolute treat enjoying their company when they are in the mood for fun, despite how demanding they can be when they are in one of their "recharge" phases.

Librans live with an odd sort of pattern; they'll work unceasingly for a time and be too busy for romance or even the simple enjoyment of the spending a few hours with another, and then they'll turn completely around and become completely unable to move, trying to balance the past effort with rest.

They aren't always like this, but they know how to stay in balance, and rarely let anyone stop them from performing this balancing act.

Let's figure this out

Another thing that can be difficult for people who know Libras is the balancing act they perform with their personalities. They can be the most gentle and peaceful souls one minute, and completely stubborn and argumentative the next.

Their "sanity instinct", which probably comes from Saturn being exalted in this sign, makes it impossible for them to give a simple yes or no answer to a question; they can go on forever expounding upon the pros and cons of the possible answers with hairsplitting accuracy, completely oblivious to the feelings of anyone around.

They'll walk into a room and start changing things around, or criticizing the mismatch between the colors on the walls and those in the carpet.

They never start working on a problem by going with a decision on a trial basis; when you hear "now let's figure this out" you know that you're ready for a lesson in logic, fairness and balance that may very well be correct, but may bruise your ego a bit. Of course, the upside of this is that they're usually right.

Libra relationships; the down side

Librans almost never own up to their own mistakes, or to being wrong about anything.

Some Librans get so lost in the process of making a decision that they never come to a decision, at least on a timely basis. In the very worst cases, they may stand in front of the closet and waste a good deal of time deciding what to wear, or near the toaster deciding which side they should use.

Even if they aren't the type that has a lot of planetary afflictions in their horoscopes, they'll immediately go into denial when they're accused of being indecisive.

Libra relationships; the bright side

It's almost impossible to find a Libra who is not fond of the fine arts; they are all enamored of color, music, literature and poetry, and love everything that can enhance the beauty or harmony of their surroundings.

You'll never meet a Libra that likes to show off, or is dishonest in their dealings. They can be very convincing, and may cause you to change your mind so that you find yourself doing something other than what you planned, but their kindness, their cheerfulness and their sentimental natures can almost always act as an antidote for whatever frustration you might feel with them.

Librans are famous for their charming faces and the way they smile; they seem to have no problem melting even the hardest heart.