Libra: September 23 - October 22

Libra Sign Meaning

Want to know the meaning of the Libra sign? Libra (the Scales) is the 7th sign of the Zodiac and the 2nd Air Sign, accordingly Libra is primarily mental in orientation. ...but its mental powers are dedicated to coming up with solutions or ideas by weighing the possible options carefully.

Libra is also the third Cardinal Sign; the Sun's entry into Libra marks its passage from north to south of the celestial equator.

On our calendars this marks the first day of autumn, one of the two days of the year on which the length of day and night are equal.

Weighing the options

The symbol of Libra is an ancient set of scales, which some call the scales of justice, but they actually depict the scales of certain officials in ancient Rome, who worked in the market place to insure that financial transactions and barters were done according to the laws, and were fair.

Libra happens to be one of the newest signs of the Zodiac; originally these stars were the Claws of the Scorpion; only recently were they renamed the north and south scale. The fact that most Librans work hard to seek balance in their lives is splendidly illustrated by this symbol.

House of Venus, throne of Saturn

Libra is the second sign of Venus, the other being Taurus, but there are several differences between them. Both are gentle and peace loving, but when a confrontation occurs, the Libra is likely to assume the role of peacemaker or mediator, and has a way of turning almost any conflict into a win-win situation.

Rather than seeking harmony and beauty through nature, Libra seeks it through their relationships with others; it's generally considered the sign of partnership.

Saturn, the planet of sobriety and patience, is exalted in this sign, because when the scales are balanced, they come to rest. Saturn is the slowest moving of the classical planets and represents consideration and forethought; something Librans have in abundance.

Those who think that Libra people have a tendency to equivocate, or take too long to make decisions, don't understand that Saturn rarely makes a move without due deliberation.

Libra's basic personality

The most remarkable characteristic of people born under this sign is their instinct for sanity. It's their drive for balance, coupled with their elemental intelligence that sponsors their ability to avoid either mental or physical trouble; they are often the healthiest or most beautiful people you might know.

Due to the fact that Libra is a Cardinal sign they tend to push themselves hard, but they know how to balance their efforts with rest; many Librans take to Yoga or meditation practices for this very reason. Anyone who has met a lazy Libra and formed an opinion based on that meeting has only seen the Libra during their resting phase.

Librans generally look like the picture of Venusian beauty, but, just like scales that have too much on one side, they can go to extremes when it comes to food, drink or social life; the flaws in their features are usually reminders of to them of what happens when one is not moderate.

These are people who take a philosophical view of life, and although fair and gentle, they can become argumentative and judgmental. Sometimes the weighing can drive other people to distraction, but it's rare to find anyone as fair and balanced in their ways as one born under this sign of Venus.

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