Libra: September 23 - October 22

Libra Symbol and Design

We invite you, and grant our full permission for you to use our Libra symbol and glyph below on your pinterest page(s).

You may use this Libra design on your pinterest page.

For the ancient Greeks the constellation of Libra was represented by the Scales of Justice being held by Venus in one hand with the sword of Mars in the other.

What makes this symbol unique among the zodiac signs? It is the only one of the twelve zodiac signs to be represented by a mechanical device! All of the others are animals of one form or another.

The scales were of great importance to the Babylonians as well as the Egyptians. Both had a similar belief in the use of the scales in the judgment of souls. The Egyptians believed that after death one's soul would be placed on the scale opposite a single feather. If the soul was heavier than the feather by even a small amount, it was sent back to shed the weight.

This is most likely where the saying "lighter than a feather" finds it origin.

You may use this Libra symbol on your pinterest page.