Libra: September 23 - October 22

Libra Traits

Libra traits are represented by the fair and balanced sign of the scales. Libra occupies the seventh position in the sequence of the zodiac and is ruled by the aesthetically-oriented and social Venus.

Venus is the planet that governs person to person connection, art, and love. As a result, Libra natives are flirty, talkative, and diplomatic individuals who seek fairness, balance, and beauty in all aspects of their lives.

We list the traits most commonly associated with this friendly and outgoing sign below:

Wavering Yet Fair

Just like their sign the scales, Libras instinctively seek balance when it comes to every decision, relationship, and situation they undertake. The idea of cheating anyone out of what's rightfully theirs or making a wrong decision is terrifying to a Libra. As a result, many of these natives have a tendency to over-agonize over the simplest decisions.

This can cause them to appear wishy-washy to outsiders who don't understand the Libran thought process. However, all these individuals really want is what's right and just for everyone. Libras are also folks who feel driven to stick up for the underdog and speak up should they feel they are witnessing any sort of injustice whatsoever. This makes them excellent judges, social workers, and charity workers.

Vain and Sometimes Impractical

Many Libra traits are associated with its ruling planet. Venus is a lover of all things harmonious and beautiful. As a result, it is one Libra's traits to be concerned with the outward appearances of things. They will often spend a great deal of their money decorating their homes and making them just so.

Plenty of time and care goes into the cultivation of their outward appearance as well and few Libra natives would be caught dead wearing disheveled clothing or sporting unbrushed hair. However, some Libras can become so stuck on superficial things that they can grow lazy and impractical in other areas of their lives if they're not careful.

Hates Conflict and Seeks Harmony

The preservation of harmony is of the utmost importance to Libra natives and they dislike nothing more than they dislike conflict. This can cause many born under this sign to hide their true feelings or views in order to sidestep challenges from other people.

Some even resort to outright deception in order to keep the peace. In the end, they figure a little fib or two is perfectly acceptable if it spares someone else's feelings or keeps a blowout from happening.

This can often result in trouble of a different sort should the deceptions be discovered though, so it is important that people born under this sign don't let their desire for peace outweigh the necessity for honesty in relationships.

Graceful and Artistic

Lovely Venus's influence on this sign can further be seen in Libra's natural affinity for grace and the arts. These are not clumsy individuals by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, many Libras instinctively take to media like dance in order to express themselves and work through life's little stresses.

Yoga, tai chi, and other low impact body-oriented forms of exercise are also favored. In addition to this, its one of Libra traits to seek inner balance through other forms of art such as painting, poetry, or music.

Social and Flirtatious

Libra is an air sign and like all air signs, love being around people and are extroverted for the most part. These are people who make friends easily and to whom social skills come very naturally. They love to socialize and being liked in general is a trait that is extremely important to them.

However, this desire can make Libra easy to take advantage of if they don't learn how to tell the difference between sincere praise and superficial flattery. Its a Libra trait to be natural flirts who are never at a loss for potential partners and suitors.

Its also one of the Libra traits to be good-looking and possess a pronounced affinity for charm; this tends to make them popular and helps to take them far in life.