Libra: September 23 - October 22

The Libra Woman

A Libra woman is almost impossible not to like. Between the irresistible smile and the well-put together look, they have a way of charming almost anyone, and they use it to their advantage.

A Libra woman's mind, however, possesses the same qualities of logic that all Librans have, and she can use it even more effectively than the men of her sign, because she knows how to keep the charm on all the time.

She may keep you occupied for hours in a debate or with relentless questions, but can do it in such a way that you really don't mind.

Watch out for falling glass

Libran women often have their own careers; they are rarely dependent on others, and care about money only because of the things that it can buy to enhance their wardrobes or decorate their homes.

Not only that, but they can't abide living in surroundings that they don't find beautiful; they value the quality of their lifestyle so much that they will climb the career ladder or break the glass ceiling just to have the money to buy a bigger condo, or a piece of art, or a designer outfit.

A Libra woman is no slacker. There is, however, another reason that they like to have a good deal of many available to them; leverage. Money gives her the chance to make decisions in her own self-interest, and those are decisions she likes to make.

Joint ventures and partnerships

It's almost impossible to find a Libra woman who enjoys being on her own.

Although a Libra woman is perfectly capable of taking care of herself, she loves the idea of being part of a partnership. She even sees marriage as a partnership to the extent that she will take on many duties that you would otherwise hire a professional for.

Libran women can sometimes be obsessive about making sure that their partner (in business or pleasure) does not make mistakes, and will show you over and over again how valuable she is as one half of a team.

She'll never open your mail or reveal your secrets; embarrassing you in public is against her basic nature. Affectionate and sincere, she makes an almost perfect partner, but when her scales go out of balance, you may wonder if you've gotten involved with the devil herself.

Mind like a machine

There's more behind the Libra woman's love of talking and working out fair and balanced decisions than one may think; their charm and their gentle manners are almost always used to cover the fact that they have minds that work like steel traps.

The Scales used to symbolize Libra is the only machine in the Zodiac (every other sign is a human, an animal or a mythological creature) clearly illustrate the Libran nature: if you and your Libra woman ever find yourselves in the midst of trouble, just see who goes into action with precision and certainty.

She might lose a game of chess to you, but think about her moves and you'll see how she lost on purpose after being way ahead strategically.

Watch the way she handles other people, carefully molding the situation to suit her, or your purpose, and how she does so instinctually, logically and decisively. Then you'll have a much clearer picture of what she is all about.