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Pisces Woman Gemini Man

Our Pisces Woman and Gemini Man compatibility rating is 6. Water and Air aren't really sympathetic to one another, and even though you are born into the same astral quality as he, you need to find stability somewhere to make this relationship fulfilling for the both of you.

We provide some insight and suggestions to make this relationship work well.

The Elements

Water vs Air - If one thinks of the combination of the Water and Air elements of nature, it's easy to conjure images of storms or hurricanes. Because of the planets and the qualities, these clashes are likely, but you have ways that can smooth them out quickly.

The Qualities

Both are Mutable - You are both born into Mutable signs, but this may not be too helpful; with none of the aggressive or stable planets in the mix, you'll have to put up with constant changes in the relationship.

The Planets

Jupiter, Neptune, Venus vs Mercury - Your planet Jupiter makes it easier than you may think to improve difficult conditions in the relationship, while Neptune gives you a clear advantage over his Mercurial mind. It can help you open up new areas of experience for your man, insuring that his interest in you doesn't fade. Venus, your exalted planet, helps you understand that music, dancing and the arts will calm the Gemini's worries and bring out the fun side of his character.

Love and Romance

A Gemini Man believes not only is a busy person, he believes that everyone else must be as busy as he is. This could create a problem for a Pisces Woman, who wants to "do her thing" on her own time. You tend to be quite intuitive, and even psychic, and you will use the subtle methods of your planet, Neptune, to do things that he may not approve of. This doesn't mean that you are disloyal, it just means that he doesn't understand that your need for freedom is as strong as his. You're a natural actor, and will use your skills to play a role that keeps things from falling apart, but creates an unnecessarily stress in your life. In fact, you will do almost anything to keep your relationship from disintegrating, and he will be thankful for that. You'll appreciate his wit and intelligence, but may find it impossible to avoid becoming empathetically connected to his changing moods, but that could be a blessing, because if you give him plenty of attention, he'll be happy more often than not.

The Keys to Success

Help him understand your need to help others.

You need to explain to him that you can't help getting drawn into other people's issues. It's part of your natural skills and the power of your co-ruler Neptune, who gives you tremendous empathy and excellent listening skills. He will often give you the opportunity to use them on him, and will come to understand that this is a calling, and not a problem.

Keep him hopping.

As quick witted as his bright mind is, you have a natural talent for evading the subjects that you don't want to talk about. You have the ability to change the conversation in such a way that he will be at his best trying to keep up with you. You definitely won't bore him.

Involve him in your mystical interests.

Gemini Men are curious and experimental. If you have mystical interests, as most Pisces Women do, get him involved; it will be a perfect balance for those things that you don't have in common, and enhance the things you do. It will also help the physical chemistry between you to reach greater heights.

Final Score: Pisces Woman Gemini Man compatibility = 60%.

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