Zodiac Love Matches

Pisces Woman Libra Man

Our Pisces Woman and Libra Man compatibility rating is 5. The elements make the chemistry between you manageable, but not steady. The astral qualities have a hard time reconciling with one another, because of the excessive nature of the planets.

This is a difficult match, but may work if you are thrown together by situations or circumstances you don't initiate.

The Elements

Water vs Air - Water and Air are considered to be generally discordant, and in this case, the air of Libra is likely to blow your water into a state of turbulence, which you may have a hard time coping with.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Cardinal - You tend to be flexible in your viewpoints and varied in your activities. He tends to focus on leadership and develop solid views through a process of deliberation and logic. Yet the planets may engender accord in social situations.

The Planets

Jupiter, Neptune, Venus vs Venus & Saturn - Your ruling planets are Jupiter and Neptune, his ruling planet is Venus, who is exalted in Pisces. You're likely to look up to him because of this exaltation, but his exalted planet is Saturn, and he may be somewhat judgmental for your taste.

Love and Romance

It's important that you understand something about the Libra Man; he loves contradiction. He basically makes all decisions on the basis of contrasting the pros and cons of the subject under discussion. This may be an annoying trait for you, since you like to feel in harmony with another in terms of common interests and values. You both are sentimental signs, but because of the Jupiter, Neptune and Venus combined planetary rulership, you need to be careful not to lead each other down a negative path; both of you are easily seduced by all forms of temptation. Nevertheless, the physical chemistry between you is excellent, and you'll probably feel the need to help him in some way. But you'll probably find him to be quite contrary, and ready to dissect every idea or action of yours with his well-honed logic. You'll have to use all your intuitional abilities to understand him, because his behavior and personality is so different from yours. Yet you'll find him attractive, and, in many ways, just what you're looking for - at least right now.

The Keys to Success

Hear him out and agree with him.

He is likely to be charming, intelligent and social, but you are likely to find him impossible at times. His hairsplitting logic and his insensitive way of pointing out your faults can really grate on your nerves. You have, however, the ability to short circuit the disagreeable side of his nature. Hear him out and agree with him, and he'll go back over his points and contradict them himself. It might be one of the easiest games you ever learn to play.

Learn from each other.

Pisces Women are famous for their intuitional and psychic perception; this may fascinate him to no end. You both are sentimental and imaginative, but his imagination is usually confined to ways to utilize his charm, or negotiate his way to success. It might be that the two of you are drawn together so that he can experience something that defies his logic, while you have the advantage of becoming more discriminative as his judgmentalism rubs off on you.

Don't lose sight of who you are.

Don't let your him to define you in his own terms, and don't begin to see yourself through his eyes. He wants to lead; let him, so you can be free to wander the ocean of mystery in which you belong.

Final Score: Pisces Woman Libra Man compatibility = 50%.

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