Zodiac Love Matches

Pisces Woman Pisces Man

Our Pisces Woman and Pisces Man compatibility rating is 5. With identical elements, qualities and planets, there is a unity of purpose that can create a powerful chemistry. This relationship exemplifies the saying about "too much of a good thing" and that "more is not always better".

There can be a blending of natures that's unparalleled because of your sensitivity and sharing, but all the negative characteristics are amplified as well.

The Elements

Both are Water - Water signs work well with each other - this is a case of identity where the water element could get too deep and drown both of you.

The Qualities

Both are Mutable - The Mutable signs are those of flexibility and change; there are likely to be many changes in this relationship.

The Planets

Jupiter, Neptune, Venus - The combination of ruling and exalted planets is terrific for creative projects or works based on inspiration, but do hold the danger of amplifying the unrealistic expectations of either or both of you.

Love and Romance

This can be a fairytale romance, full of sentiment, longing and imagination, but there are several challenges that you'll have to overcome between "once upon a time" and "happily ever after." Idleness, laziness, daydreaming and the tendency to "spin" the truth are among them. Your Piscean sensitivity can be another problem, because it is doubled here, making it possible for the two of you to be prone to all sorts of impressions that may or may not be correct; talking them out and trying to analyze them will only make them bigger than they are. You'll have to watch him for signs that he is becoming dissatisfied with his work; unusual quiet, complaining, and a tendency to look for atypical escape mechanisms; all these mean that he's not following his goals, and feels trapped in a rut. You'll have to have him monitor your red lights; atypical tearfulness, being too quiet, and changing moods. These are signs that you both need a change, or a way to do what you really are meant to. You both have the listening skills and perceptive abilities to help each other work things out. Nevertheless, because of the various attributes of your sign, it's hard to imagine a more powerful chemistry between two people.

The Keys to Success

Travel often, and to places you have not been.

A Pisces couple needs travel, often, and to places you've never been. You'll find people charming wherever you go. Travel will give a big dose of variety to both of you and renew your enthusiasm and drive to "do your own thing" instead of feeling like victims of an uncaring world.

Enjoy being in synch with each other.

A Pisces woman is well qualified to attract the love of a Pisces Man and keep him happily in love. She may be better at it than anyone else, because of the synchrony of the astrological factors. You'll appeal to his masculine side, yet he'll be gentle and sensitive enough to avoid pushing those buttons that hurt so badly.

Swim upstream, not down.

There are two main types of Pisces; one swims against the currents of society and culture, and the other submits to the current and is carried wherever it takes them. The first type is where you'll find great artists, scientists, theologians, performers and politicians. The second type has surrendered, and refuses to make the type of efforts that create their own destiny. The second type often can only find escape through self-destructive indulgences and involvements with others, while the first type is the school of great luminaries in the world. It's important for all Pisceans to understand this metaphor, because you'll recognize the pattern in other Pisceans and be able to help. Love, like alchemy, can transform one into the other.

Final Score: Pisces Woman pisces Man compatibility = 50%.

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