Zodiac Love Matches

Pisces Woman Sagittarius Man

Our Pisces Woman and Sagittarius Man compatibility rating is 6. The elements are mismatched, but the qualities are the same and the rules of polarity assist the possibility of this relationship being favorable. The planets Neptune and Venus are also in your favor.

Still, this relationship takes tolerance and understanding to thrive.

The Elements

Water vs Fire - Water and Fire can destroy each other, but this is resolved by mutual need. Pisces' Water can control Sagittarius' Fire, and the Fire can make the Water more useful.

The Qualities

Both are Mutable - These Mutable signs are in relative positions on the Zodiac wheel such that tension and energy can build. Because of other moderately favorable elements, Pisces and Sagittarius can gain much from each other.

The Planets

Jupiter, Neptune, Venus vs Jupiter - Your signs have Jupiter in common, while Pisces has the assistance of the mystical Neptune and the peacemaking Venus. There are ways in which the two of you can benefit each other.

Love and Romance

Your sign, Pisces, has the best listening skills of any sign, and your Sagittarius Man loves to talk. Even if he is one of the rare quiet Sagittarians, he will love opening up to you. In fact, many people open up to you for no apparent reason; it's part of Neptune's gift. While in the process of conversation, your powerful intuitional or psychic abilities are likely to help you get straight to truths that others would not discover on their own; this is especially beneficial to a Sagittarius Man. There are times when he can be almost brutal in his unintentionally blunt and painfully honest speech, but when he has someone who is really listening to him, the best in him comes forward. You'll know his courage and idealism right away, and you'll probably learn a lot about him, even without making an effort to or asking questions. You'll be able to catch his basic honesty and other things that are important to know before you get involved. You probably would rather that you didn't have this gift, but combined with your charm and your gracious manner, you have something about you a Sagittarian cannot resist. It's also likely that you've been looking for someone who can rescue you from a boring and commonplace, or drama-filled existence. There's a good chance that a Sagittarian will be totally willing to do so, if you give him a chance.

The Keys to Success

Take time to know his personality.

Sagittarian Men can have hot tempers. Luckily, they are usually apologetic very shortly afterward, and you'll be able to tell if they're sincere or not. Some Sagittarians are quite adventurous, and some are very creative, but all of them are honest, sometimes to a fault. Their joking outbursts probably won't be to your liking, but this is something that they tend to get over.

He won't hold you back.

He's not likely to hold you back from doing your "own thing" but will sometimes be jealous during the early stages of your relationship. It won't take much to convince him of your loyalty; it will probably take more to listen to his verbal assaults. If you appear visibly hurt, however, he'll feel like he's overstepped his bounds, and make it up to you in some way or another.

Share your knowledge with him.

Sagittarian Men like to have fun and take risks. This is not necessarily a bad thing. He may be involved (or interested) in mystical or religious practices, or wish to take a step closer to his ideal in some other way. This is something that you really can help him with.

Final Score: Pisces Woman Sagittarius Man compatibility = 60%.

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