Zodiac Love Matches

Pisces Woman Scorpio Man

Our Pisces Woman and Scorpio Man compatibility rating is 8. The Water element is common to both of you, and the astral qualities work together well. The planets support one another's actions.

Something may stand in the way in the beginning, but you can overcome those obstacles together and turn this into an amazing relationship.

The Elements

Both vs Water - Pisces and Scorpio have common goals and interests, due to the common element. Scorpio's determination and Pisces' wily ways can overcome almost any problem they face.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Fixed - Pisces is a Mutable (flexible and adaptable) Sign; Scorpio is a Fixed (firm & determined) Sign. In this situation, they work together very well.

The Planets

Jupiter, Neptune, Venus vs Mars & Pluto - Your Jupiter can guide his Mars; Neptune and Pluto add the powers of faith and transformation. Venus, who is exalted in your sign, directs you both toward a harmonious exchange of love.

Love and Romance

You can be sure that the happy times you spend with your Scorpio Man will outnumber the disagreements. Scorpio is perceptive enough to know when he's crossing the line, while you are evasive enough to avoid unnecessary trouble. Although you seek freedom and he seeks power, both of you do so inwardly rather than having unrealistic expectations of finding it in the material realm. He is far more likely than you to be fighting his way up the career ladder; he's probably better at handling financial matters. You'll have to pass your Scorpio Man's "integrity test", but your powerful intuition will allow you to do so with flying colors. The chemistry between you is strong enough to replace any of the forms of sensory stimulation that either of you may be tempted by. Both of you are also private people, and tend to avoid situations that limit your freedom. The powerful magnetic pull you feel toward him is probably being felt by him as well, but he's less prone to express it. You have the ability to bring variety and mystery into his life, and he has much loyalty, devotion and love to give in return.

The Keys to Success

He may be somewhat possessive, especially at first.

Your high activity level and social interests are likely to arouse his suspicion until it is laid to rest. You can do this easily by explaining to him how important your freedom is to you, and how valuable he is to you, in your typically beautiful and poetic way. He is vulnerable to your emotional appeals, but only if you use your intuition to know when his mood, and the time, is right.

Work to insure he gets most your attention.

Your listening skills and habit of letting various and sundry people cry on your shoulder may annoy him to some degree. Try to give him more attention than you give others, and let him know it. He doesn't want to turn your place into a counseling center (unless that is your profession), but he loves the kind of attention and sympathy he gets from you, and wants it all the time.

Nurture and respect your intuitive gifts.

Scorpio Men's convictions are very strong, and they are self-confident as well. You have a good degree of confidence in yourself as well, but tend to change your mind or point of view in ways that don't suit him. Ask him what he thinks you really want sometimes, and you are likely to be quite surprised at the answer, because his intuitive gifts are strong; both of you should nurture those gifts.

Final Score: Pisces Woman Scorpio Man compatibility = 80%.

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