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Pisces Woman Taurus Man

Our Pisces Woman and Taurus Man compatibility rating is 6. The elements of Water and Earth can work together well. However the bull can be very set in his ways as he is of a fixed quality. As you are mutable, much of the work to compromise falls to your shoulders.

The planets offer some assistance with this as he is exalted in your sign.

The Elements

Water vs Earth - Because you are Water and Earth Signs, there is an automatic compatibility between you. His earthy nature is capable of containing your energy and enthusiasm, but he may be too controlling to allow you to "go with the flow." This may be, from time to time, just want a Pisces Woman needs.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Fixed - Of all the Water Signs, the Mutable quality makes yours the most changeable. Of all the Earth signs, Taurus is the most Fixed, and therefore the most set in his ways. This can become a major complication for your freewheeling nature.

The Planets

Jupiter, Neptune, Venus vs Venus & the Moon - Jupiter and Neptune, the rulers of your sign, thrive on variety, expansiveness and the exotic. Venus, the ruler of Taurus is exalted in your sign, so you will definitely look up to him. The Moon, his exalted planet, gives him the tenderness that adds to his Venusian sensual nature.

Love and Romance

Taurus Men see things very differently than you do. He sees the truth as an absolute, but you see it as relative. He may see your bright, intuitive mind as being that of a dreamer or mystic. He keeps his focus on tangible matters, like money and physical comfort, while your focus tends to be more creative and emotional. He is, however, quite attracted to your energy and magnetism, and if he's sincere in his affections, he can be a terrific protector. You'll be attracted to his stability and strength, and are likely to know just how to make him happy. Some of your interests and entertainments may seem weird to him; he's likely to be more of a sports fan than a person who frequents crystal fairs or even poetry readings (unless he's a poet himself). He's also likely to become possessive at times; it's important for you to establish boundaries with him. He will respect yours if you respect his, and will consider more reliable if you do. Gaining his trust may not be easy are require some adaptation, but if you do, you'll never have to worry about what will happen if things fall apart.

The Keys to Success

He is basically conservative in nature.

Even if he doesn't look like he thinks in chauvinist terms, you'll probably notice that the thing that upsets him the most is your resistance to being forced into a traditional woman's role. You need to get this straightened out with him, or his idea of taking care of you might have you acting a part you don't want to play, even in your dreams.

You have natural psychic abilities.

Use them in your relationship with a Taurus Man, but don't discuss them with him, unless he is one of the rare Taureans with an interest in such things. It would profit you more to follow your hunches when it comes to reading his moods, so you'll know what kind of comforting he needs.

He is extremely sensitive in a physical sense.

The right smells, flavors and, especially, touches at the right time will melt away any tensions between you. You can be a great relief to him, and his protective and security oriented nature will be of tremendous comfort to him. Putting a little energy into making things "just right" can really turn up the passion in this relationship.

Final Score: Pisces Woman Taurus Man compatibility = 60%.

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