Pisces: February 20 - March 20

About Pisces

Want to know about Pisces? Pisces react emotionally to almost every situation. Any situation can evoke an over the top reaction. They wear their heart on their sleeves and are constantly surprised that it is always getting hurt.

It is therefore sometimes hard to deal with them in a practical manner, as it is so easy to hurt their feelings.

Extremely intuitive, Pisces will often have psychic tendencies. They have a natural ability to pick up on the emotions of the people around them. This trait should first be tested by keeping a journal where they can write down the impressions that they receive. That way they can get a more accurate assessment of their actual abilities.

Pisces is a water sign that is highly adaptable to the people around them. They fit in well with almost any group of people and can adjust to any situation that they find themselves in. They are very flexible and are easily satisfied with what the lot they've been given in life.

Pisces is an extremely imaginative sign that has a real need to express themselves creatively. Photography is a great outlet for this type of personality, so is dance or theatre.

Work is varied and a Pisces has no problem switching careers. In fact, many Pisces change their mind over and over again before finally settling down with just one. It's not unusual to find a Pisces taking college classes at night, to prepare them for the next big shift in careers.

Telling the truth is hard for the imaginative Pisces to do. They are very sensitive and never want to hurt anyone's feelings, so they fib. Often it's only a little fib, but it's still an embellishment to the truth.

A Pisces is full of self-doubt. They have a hard time recognizing their own talents and feel that everyone around them is better than they are. They will not even apply for promotions at work sometimes, because they feel they're the last choice anyway. So they really need to surround themselves with happy, positive people who will continually point out the traits they're good at.

A Pisces is a person who loves to be in love. They don't like to be alone and are happiest when in a committed relationship. Romance is an important part of any courtship, and a Pisces is really good at continuing it into long-term relationships.

A Pisces will always put someone else's feelings and needs above their own desires. They make great friends because of this, but it also leaves them open to being taken advantage of. Less scrupulous people could use a kind Pisces and toss them aside and still come back later for more help. A Pisces has a real hard time saying no to people.

A Pisces makes procrastination an art form. They are really good at ignoring those things in life that bug them. So instead of fixing things, they look the other way and hope it either goes away, or that someone else gets to it first.

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