Pisces: February 20 - March 20

How to Attract a Pisces Man

Want to know how to attract a Pisces man? To attract a Pisces man you will have to enter his world ...which may be very different from the world you know today. Piscean men often seem to shimmer, like mythical beings seen through the surface of a moonlit ocean or through the mist between trees at twilight...

They may appear to offer a portal to an enchanted world. In order to enter this world, you must seem to belong in that dreamscape.

You should know how to find your way through it, as well as your own way out. You may also discover that you have to help them establish a foothold outside of the mythic realm.

Speak his language

To attract a Pisces man, make it clear that you speak the language of dreams fluently. It helps if your appearance excites his imagination-if the curve of your cheekbone makes him think you have fairy blood or your eyes help him recall tales of ancient monarchs.

However, if you lack that advantage, you can make up for it by demonstrating your attunement to beauty or your sensitivity to the suffering of others. Depending on his interests, talk about music, art, nature, metaphysical pursuits or humanitarian causes.

Be sure to let him know if you happen to be an artist, a psychic, a Peace Corp volunteer, a forest ranger or a harp-player.

Make magic happen

Another way to help attract a Pisces man is to invite him to share a magical experience with you.

You might take him to your favorite spot in the woods where a hidden waterfall creates rainbows amidst a lush grove of trees. Or take him to a museum to see your favorite painting. Loan him your IPod and cue up a song which makes you cry or evokes a sense of awe.

For Pisces, money is just a means of accessing more possibilities for beauty, so don't worry if the activities you suggest don't involve prestige or high price tags.

Let him romance you

As your relationship progresses, he may want to read you his favorite love poems or demonstrate what he has learned about reflexology-feet are very important to Pisces. He will remember your birthday with a gift which comes from his heart.

Romance tends to come naturally to men born with the Sun in Pisces. They naturally share both verbal and physical tenderness with their partners. When they find someone to love, Pisces will use the physical experience as a way to build a spiritual bridge between two souls, as well as an opportunity to experience altered consciousness.

It can, however, take them a period of searching before they find a partner who matches their romantic ideals.

Provide balance

Enter a relationship with a Pisces with your eyes open to the fact that their eyes often remain fixed in the clouds.

Although there are exceptions, many of these men prefer not to focus their time and energy on practical matters. You may need to provide balance and grounding for his visions of opening an art school or a healing center.

Show him that you value his vision and talents even as you offer pragmatic advice.