Pisces: February 20 - March 20

Pisces in Love

What is Pisces in love like? Pisceans want a partner whom they can idealize, someone suitable to join them in their lifetime quest to step beyond the earthly limits to beauty and romance. Until they gain some maturity and perspective, this can lead to problems.

Pisces in love often bear the imprint of the victim-perpetrator-protector paradigm, with the Piscean viewing the union in terms of either partner saving the other from some individual or institution cast in the role of villain.

They often have difficulty distinguishing between love and co-dependency. They will defend a partner who behaves badly as merely misunderstood.

If a partner whom they leave tries to manipulate them into returning by threatening something extreme, Pisces may interpret this as evidence of the depth of their love, and return to rescue their mate.


Pisces loves to create romantic experiences which deepen into spiritual unions.

They may light candles or place crystals on the bedside tables to align the energies of the room and the chakras of each other perfectly in order to open a portal into another dimension. Music and massage with scented oils may also help them create a mood of mystical romance.


People born under this sign love to give their partner gifts which convey an artistic sensibility. They may use their talents to paint or sculpt a special present for their mate.

If musically inclined, a Pisces in love may write and sing a song for that person. Even if they do not possess these abilities, they will still choose romantic presents which portray an otherworldly sense of beauty.


If someone tries to shake the romantic world of a Pisces, the Fish may respond with vicious anger. Their fairy-tale sensibilities are their treasure and they feel angrier about someone harming these cherished ideals than if someone stole their money.

They can see a friend who's questions tries to pierce their veil of delusion about a mate or a partner who rejects them as enemies.


Some Pisceans need a protector to shield them from the financial consequences of their dreamy idealism. Unless they are fortunate enough to have parents who can offer monetary help into their adult years, they may fare better with a mate who can offer them financial security.

Pisceans often have high IQ's but prefer to focus their intelligence on less mundane matters.


After a few naive experiences of this kind, Pisceans may be able to grow into a new level of romantic relationship. This is difficult for them, because they have to admit that their own self-deception misled them as much as their partner's lies.

They also have to relinquish naive daydreams about some special mythic identity they believed they shared with their partner. For some Pisceans, this process of maturing takes several decades and requires multiple relationships.


The exceptions are those Pisces in love who choose to aim the lens of their idealism toward the mastery of pragmatic skills.

These Pisceans may seem very un-Fishlike. Their romantic sensitivity is subsumed in achieving a sentimentalized version of conventional life rather than in striving for a dream idyll.

They try to choose mates who will complement their vision of contented normalcy and help them avoid the perils of a Neptunian life.