Pisces: February 20 - March 20

The Pisces Man

Are you interested in a Pisces man? Pisces men can find navigating the world of business easy, if, and only if they decide to participate in it. Their imaginations are sorely needed in the everyday world, but they may be so involved in their dreams and daydreams that they miss one opportunity after another, even when these opportunities are knocking loudly at their doors.

If your Pisces man is a positive one, he'll be willing to face the challenges of swimming upstream, and he'll do so in a very exciting and profitable way.

But if your Pisces has not heard the call of success, and hasn't taken the bait early in life, it's easy for him to get caught in the net of Neptunian illusion and fantasy, and very difficult for him to get out of it.

A stormy sea of romance

Even if the Pisces man is caught up in the net or floating downstream whispering "whatever" under his breath, he can be the very soul of romance.

Some people cannot allow a talent like his waste to go to, and do everything they can preserve it. Many Piscean men spend a lot of time being taken care of, and although he may have romantic and thrilling words on every breath, he somehow wriggles into a position that takes another person to help them wiggle out of.

This is not to say that Piscean men can't take care of themselves; they can, but in their case it's a choice, and far too many of these wonderful souls choose to sacrifice their more mundane skills for the privilege of receiving creative inspiration, metaphysical bliss, or some other altered state of consciousness.

A real catch

Yet there are many Pisceans who, through guidance, revelation or good advice, make the decision to swim against the current, just to see where the adventure leads them, and more often than not, their inborn luck guides the to the goal they seek.

A Pisces man is a warm and sympathetic soul that is capable of being good listeners and then lighting up the atmosphere with his charm.

Although these types might speak before they think about how what they say might affect others, they're generally seen as reliable and trustworthy, and both these assets help them move toward, rather than away from their goals.

Their co-ruler, Neptune, has given them the gift of intuition, which can be a really powerful ally. Nevertheless, the desire to let go and see where the current takes you, is far too common among these men, and consequently, they compensate through overindulgence.

Aligning with success

If the Piscean male aligns themselves with successful people, then opportunities will present them with the chance to struggle and find their freedom.

If they become habitual victims of fate, their skills for exaggeration and misdirection take over, and they develop the reputation for being irresponsible.

Some Pisceans are so good at it that they prefer telling a good story over telling the truth. Pisces men are so good at this that they refuse to think that they're doing anything wrong, and that they're making their imaginations work overtime.

A Pisces man expects loyalty and will demand it of you. He can be full of smiles, compliments, and fun , and it's easy for him to shift the blame. When something goes on that needs his attention, he's always ready to do whatever needs to be done, just before he grasps what others have been telling him to do.