Pisces: February 20 - March 20

Pisces Personality

Just like its symbol, the Pisces personality is fluid, finding it's way through life via intuition. These are the artists, spiritualists, and poets of the zodiac. They possess a mystery about them which many spend their entire lives trying to figure out.

Ruled by dreamy, enigmatic Neptune, Pisces natives come into this world with the gifts of intuition, clairvoyance, and empathy.

A Pisces personality is one of a sensitive soul's who can seem like they're not of this world at all. Those who know these people will say there's just "something about them" and that they have a way of moving about that is hard to deconstruct, but is enchanting nevertheless.

The world has the powers of Pisces to thank for many of its most beautiful paintings, poems, and dances. Pisces natives, more than any others, bring a magic to humanity that truly makes the world a more interesting, beautiful place to be.

The Twelfth House of the Subconscious

The twelfth house is the sector of the cosmic wheel which governs finality and fruition of all types. As such, it possesses a little piece of each of the houses that came before it, as well as the lessons each of them teach us as we pass through the sequence.

We see this comprehensive, yet mysterious influence present in the way Pisces instinctively has an understanding of (and connection to) all the other signs that is positively uncanny. The Pisces personality is one of an old soul that can click with and understand literally anyone if they so choose.

The twelfth house also holds sway over the subconscious and the meanings behind enigmas such as dreams. This influence can, of course, be seen in the way the Pisces personality intuitively finds their way through life and often looks to the other side for answers.

They are spiritualists that are big on connection with a higher power, as well as communion with what lies behind the veil and within our own psyches.

Water: A Creative Force to Be Reckoned With

Pisces is one of three zodiac signs ruled by the ever-flowing and creative element of water. Water signs like Pisces are led through life by instinct, heart, and feeling. They tend to be natural artists, spiritualists, empaths, and dreamers with many eventually even choosing careers in the arts or spiritual counseling.

We can see the influence of water on Pisces in the way those born under this sign are so naturally sensitive. They really do seem to soak up the energies of the emotions around them like sponges, so they must be careful of the companions they keep lest they sink into depression and melancholy.

Water also had a tendency to produce individuals who naturally seek out safety and security, but who often lack the practical skills needed to bring those things into being. The Pisces personality is, more than any other, a fragile one that sometimes finds it hard to exist in the flawed world.

However, if other key planets in the birth chart are placed in stronger, more assertive signs, this is less of a problem than it might otherwise be.

Neptune: Planet of Dreams and Creativity

In Roman mythology, Neptune was the god of the ocean and all bodies of water. As such, he has a strong connection to the powers of emotion, feeling, and the subconscious that are tied to that element.

We see his influence in the definitive Piscean depth of feeling and reliance on intuition and spiritual connection to both a higher power and the rest of humanity. Neptune also governs addiction and escapism, things that should be watched for in the personality of a Pisces.