Pisces: February 20 - March 20

Pisces Sign Meaning

What is the meaning of the Pisces sign? Pisces (the Fishes) is the 12th and last of the Zodiac signs, as well as being the last Water Sign. It's said that all Water Sign people are psychic, but the Pisces is more likely to make an avocation of their intuitional or empathetic gifts than any other sign.

Pisces is also the last of the Common or Dual signs and is composed of two fishes; one of which is swimming in the opposite direction from the other.

Some astrologers might tell you that they have dual personalities, but that's more of a Gemini trait. The emblem is very well designed because it shows the challenge that every Pisces faces throughout life; to be carried downstream to ruin, or to swim upstream to happiness and glory.

Pisces represents the transition time between the depths of winter and the beginning of spring, when snow turns to rain, and the streams and rivers begin to run again. Like actual fishes, Pisces people cannot stand being confined to any place or idea for very long.

House of Jupiter and Neptune, throne of Venus

Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces, symbolizing the fact that Pisceans are almost always involved in expanding their boundaries and testing the limits of enjoyment or entertainment, always seeking the odd, the unusual and the exotic.

Neptune is the modern ruler (or co-ruler) of Pisces, because Neptune represents that which dissolves boundaries and melds all into one. You'll find that Pisceans seem to ignore whatever limits they have to face, and take the idea of duty and responsibility in an almost careless fashion.

They usually only become concerned with the future when it slaps them in the face; unless they happen to be one of the Pisceans who has chosen to swim against the current, as opposed to the many who let it carry them wherever it may, with the word "whatever" echoing back and forth among their crowd.

Venus is exalted in Pisces, and you will find most Pisceans to be possessed of an exotic form of beauty, as well as the most clever and diplomatic ways of turning a problem around. Even young Pisces people have a habit of causing trouble and then shifting the blame so that they become the victims.

Pisces' basic personality

Pisces people can be beautiful, artistic and creative, even when they have found a career in the sciences. Most anyone tends to like the Piscean's way of being charming and lackadaisical, and their easygoing manner.

They can be difficult if they've decided to let go and see where the current takes them; they have the ability to make it impossible for others to help them, because they convince themselves that they know what they're doing.

Pisces people are sometimes a little too sympathetic, and their efforts to befriend and help those in difficult situations, often traps them into the downstream way of thinking.

Pisceans, like the other Water Signs and Librans are better off staying away from excessive drinking; it can easily dull their sensitivity and their sense of self-worth.

If you know a Pisces who is not being carried away by the current, and has plotted their own course upstream, you may have a very valuable and uncanny friend; they often have precognitive dreams.

A positive and self-directed Pisces is also gifted with an almost indestructible optimism that enables them to weather the storms of life with grace, humor, resilience and courage.

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