Pisces: February 20 - March 20

Pisces Traits

Pisces traits are represented by the creative and emotive sign of dual fish. Pisces occupies the twelfth and final position in the sequence of the zodiac. Ruled by watery, mysterious Neptune - the planet in charge of dreams, the subconscious, and the human creative instinct - Pisces natives are dreamy, mercurial types who typically possess natural talents when it comes to the arts, empathy, and spirituality.

They are adaptive yet sensitive people who are popular within their social circles, despite also possessing a tendency toward shyness.

Here are our most common Pisces traits associated with individuals born under this sensitive, but fascinating sign.

Empathic and Solitary

Pisces, more than any other sign, is highly in tune with the emotional vibrations of those around it. In fact, it is a common Pisces trait to soak up emotion like a sponge, taking on the feelings of those nearby as thoroughly as they would their own, which can be incredibly draining indeed. For this reason, Pisces needs plenty of time alone to recharge and restore their own inner balance.

Most Pisces are introverts who spend at least a portion of each day locked away at home in peace and solitude. Some even go through long reclusive phases during which they hide completely away from the world.

Peaceful and Idealistic

As Pisces is a dual sign, represented by two complimentary fish instead of just one, it comes into this world complete with the ability to see the merits of two separate points of view (or truths) simultaneously. This Pisces trait makes it difficult for them to take sides or definitive stances as a result.

They tend to see the world as it should be in terms of ideals and can have trouble facing truths or realities that are too harsh or painful for their sensibilities to handle. For this reason, Pisces natives must take great care not to be taken advantage of or used by those with more unscrupulous natures.

Artistic and Creative

Pisces traits include a tendency toward genius of one sort or another. This is especially so when it comes to any sort of creative pursuit thanks to their vivid imaginations and intuitive spirits. Many Pisces natives find their way through life with positions as fine artists, poets, or novelists.

If other placements in the birth charts suggest affinity for physical pursuits, dance is also a common area of excellence for many Pisces. Acting is one of the Pisces traits that those born under this sign have a natural affinity for. Acting is a natural fit as Pisces usually enjoy pretending, dressing up in costumes, and acting out fantasy.

Prone to Addiction and Escapism

More than any other sign, Pisces is extremely prone to the dangers of addiction. They are natural escapists at heart. This trait combined with the sign's natural love of sensuality and experimentation can mean the potential for problems with alcohol or drugs at some point down the line.

These natives also tend to have difficulty when it comes to maintaining themselves not only physically, but psychologically and emotionally as well, so drugs can offer an overly appealing diversion from pain or depression that should be handled with caution. Pisces traits can include an addiction to food as well as other things.

Selfless and Soft-Hearted

Like many emotional or people-oriented signs, Pisces Traits include a soft spot for a hard luck case. Pisces natives are willing to do just about anything to champion the underdog or help those in need and many come into this world with a natural knack for the healing arts.

Some Pisces natives wind up going into medicine - especially alternative medicine - or the spiritual counseling fields as a result. Others simply devote their spare time to volunteer work or charity organizations. Nevertheless, every Pisces must be careful not to sacrifice so much of himself that he is left drained, destitute, or taken advantage of.