Pisces: February 20 - March 20

The Pisces Woman

Interested in a Pisces woman? You'll probably have to wait in line; many astrologers believe them to be the most desirable females among the twelve signs. They have a way of blinding others to their faults, and most of them have an aura that lets others know that they have no desire whatsoever to be the dominant partner in a relationship.

Pisces women want to be protected and cared for, and have a tendency to turn the space around them into an oasis of bliss in the desert of day to day life.

They could care less about the economy and the Machiavellian games of politics, and somehow make their mates forget all about their cares in a similar way. The time spent with a Pisces female is a time of refreshing abandon.

Too much of a good thing?

Despite this ability to elevate her partners to peaceful and sensual altered states of consciousness, they can be like "too much of a good thing" and take one to a place where one begins to live in their Neptunian fantasies.

Then things start to fall apart. She can become pushy and cranky, demanding and deceptive. She may begin to use her magic spell to bend her partner's will so that satisfying her need for rescue becomes their top priority.

If you've remained under a Pisces woman's spell long enough, you'll begin share her denial, and refuse to believe that she's not right for you - but of course, this is an extreme case. Most Pisces women use their powerful charm as a tool to insure and enhance their security, in the sincere belief that their good or bad fortune is what comes to them through other people, and not the product of their choices.

The real truth of the Pisces woman is that she needs a companion as much as she needs sunlight, air, water and food; her life depends on her relationships.

Do you believe in magic?

If you don't believe in magic, it's because you haven't been involved with, or paid enough attention to what happens around a woman born under the sign of Pisces.

They project their need to be taken care of, and whether they are the successful type or those who find themselves in trouble more often than not, they'll have you jumping through hoops to do whatever you can to rescue them from the trials they're going through.

A Pisces woman can be as sweet as a spring breeze one minute, and as cruel and vindictive as an enraged shark the next; she can be wild in one breath and gentle with the next, but somehow weave a spell of compassion around herself that causes her to appear blameless, fragile and beautiful; someone to be treasured and adored.

Their loyalties can shift with the phases of the Moon, and you may never be sure of what they are thinking, but you'll somehow have a desire to protect them and adore them in the hopes that your affection is returned.

When a Pisces woman is left to fend for herself, she usually becomes cranky and self-destructive. They usually have chosen friends that only increase the intensity of these negative impulses, but somehow they maintain their faith that there's someone out there who can rescue them, and if they have even a little faith in you, rest assured, you're the one.