The Polarities

Polarity in Relationships

Polarity can make a difference in compatibility depending on which partner is male and which is female. Interestingly, this has more to do with human culture than it does with the actual mechanics of astrology.

The Polarities are an extra source of information when studying Relational Astrology, and can be used to determine many things. Usually, astrologers look at the positions of the different planets to determine whether the Masculine Signs dominate the chart, or whether the Feminine ones do.

In Zodiac Centered astrology, the Sun Signs are the focus of attention, because information on the Moon and Planets may not be available. There is a way to gain extra information about compatibility from understanding Polarity, however.

In same-sign relationships, both parties are of the same polarity, so they really don't need to be discussed. The very nature of the sign itself, as well as the relative positions of the Moon and Planets will tell the story.

The general rule is that there is a better chance of compatibility if the Polarity of the sign is the same as the gender of the member of the couple; in other words, relationships tend to work out better if the Woman has female Polarity and the Man has male Polarity.

It's best to base this overview on the relationships in which there are no Aspects between the Signs, because these relationships tend to be the exception to the general rule. On top of that, they are already difficult situations, as described in other articles, but given favorable relationships between the Moon and Planets, the genders of the couple could be the saving grace in a relationship.

Best Zodiac Sign Polarity Pairings

If you're part of a couple born into one of these sign parings and you think your pair is missing, look again, it's included.

Aries/Pisces: Better if Pisces is male

A Pisces female would have a hard time coping with the occasionally demanding nature of an Aries male, but the Piscean gift for empathy would enable a Pisces man to help the Aries Woman get in touch with her feminine side. Aries women tend to be attracted to the freedom-loving quality of Pisces; the men don't.

Aries/Taurus: Better if Aries is male

As long as the Aries doesn't try to get a rise from the Taurus female by goading her into an argument, she will be very good at managing things the Aries man has a hard time handling. An Aries woman is not likely to be attracted to a Taurus man unless he's famous or already in a relationship.

Aries/Virgo: Better if Virgo is male

The Virgo man is tolerant and handles details and change well, and is much better, in general, at keeping things orderly than an Aries woman. The Aries woman can, however, bring a lot of variety and spontaneity into the relationship, which is just what Virgo needs. Virgo women are adverse to following Aries' lead.

Aries/Scorpio: Better if Scorpio is male

Scorpios tend to be possessive and may at times be jealous, but they have the courage and loyalty the Aries woman needs to help her out of whatever her impulsiveness gets her into. If the Scorpio is Female, the Aries man may unconsciously sense her Mars energy and begin to compete with her.

Taurus/Gemini: Better if Gemini is male

Taureans are practical and possessive, and like stability and commitment; the Gemini man is more likely to be up-front and honest with a woman who is capable of seeing to things that he becomes distracted from. A typical Taurus man has a hard time trusting a Gemini woman enough to find out what she's about.

Taurus/Libra: Better if Taurus is male

A Libra woman can help a Taurus man get in touch with his feminine side. He is already of feminine Polarity, but modern life forces men of all signs to put other things above their natural sensitivity and acceptance. He's likely to have been fighting with many of his sign attributes all his life.

Taurus/Sagittarius: Better if Sagittarius is male

The Sagittarian man, by his nature and behavior, will encourage the Taurus woman to "loosen up and live a little"; the Taurus woman is so practical and sensual that she may cause the Sagittarian to want to settle down. A typical Taurus man would be upset with the risk taking that Sagittarius women get involved in.

Gemini/Cancer: Better if Cancer is male

Gemini is the least commitment-oriented of all the signs, and Cancer is the most. If the Cancer is male, it's more likely that he'll be able to be open to the Gemini's changes of mind and love of variety. Cancer females usually have a fear of being betrayed, and Gemini men can bring this fear out in them.

Gemini/Scorpio: Better if Scorpio is male

This is a relationship that requires a real commitment on the part of Gemini, and because of the way modern culture works, it's possible that a Gemini woman will find it easier to prove herself to the Scorpio and win his heart. A Scorpio man is not likely to enjoy the conversation and activity the Gemini woman does.

Gemini/Capricorn: Better if Capricorn is male

Capricorn men are extremely protective and trustworthy; if a Gemini woman gains the trust of a Capricorn man, she'll provide the variety and fun he needs in his life, while the Capricorn will provide the security she desires. A typical Capricorn woman is not likely to see the ambition in a Gemini man.

Cancer/Leo: Better if Leo is male

Leo men are loyal and trustworthy, and have no problem with commitment, and this means so much to the Cancer woman that she is likely to tolerate his occasional bossiness or stubbornness if she avoids becoming jealous of him.

Cancer/Sagittarius: Better if Cancer is male

A Cancer man is more likely to get in touch with his inner male and be able to deal with the impulsiveness and blunt honesty of a Sagittarius woman. Sagittarians are strong and adventurous, a Cancer woman may not handle this well.

Cancer/Aquarius: Better if Cancer is male

Aquarian people of both genders have a tendency to regard everyone as friends, and may sometimes appear not to treat their partners any differently than their acquaintances; a Cancer woman might become distraught over this.

Leo/Virgo: Better if Leo is male

A Virgo woman can quickly size up a Leo man, and figure out exactly how to take care of him on all levels. A Virgo man is likely to be too overwhelmed by the Leo woman's charisma and fun loving ways to think tactically when the opportunity arises.

Leo/Capricorn: Better if Leo is male

An ambitious Capricorn woman can be a good mate for a Leo man, unless he becomes possessive and does not allow her to pursue her own interests. A Capricorn man is less likely to be interested in a Leo woman's love of play and social life.

Leo/Pisces: Better if Pisces is male

Pisces men are better at being objective than Pisces women, and the Leo love of drama is something that Pisces men find easy to adapt to. Leo men are generally possessive of their partners, and that's something the typical Pisces woman can't handle well.

Virgo/Libra: Better if Libra is male

Although Virgo Men are much better at handling Libran arguments than most signs, they have a need for occasional privacy that Libra women don't take well. Virgo women tend to be more tolerant of Libra's resting phases and slow decision making process.

Virgo/Aquarius: Better if Virgo is male

Virgo women are likely to have more trouble with the "friendliness" of the Aquarian than men do. Virgo men are better at being critical without sounding like they're nagging, and therefore find it less difficult to manage the relationship: Aquarian women put them in touch with their masculine side.

How about signs that do aspect each other?

When the signs aspect each other, it's no guarantee of a perfect relationship, but it does improve your chances. There may be astrological factors at work that are invisible (when looking at the Sun Sign alone) that bring out things you've been carrying with you for years. These factors may even be temporary, like Saturn moving through the opposite sign from your Sun or Moon, or Mercury being in retrograde.

When problems arise between couples whose signs are aspecting one another, it's not necessarily the fault of Polarity, Quality or Elements. Various planetary combinations can throw compatibilities for a loop. You can definitely improve your love-life with just a little knowledge about the signs, such as you see on these pages. But you can only do so if you're open-minded and willing to learn.

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