Zodiac Love Matches

Sagittarius Woman Aries Man

Our Sagittarius Woman and Aries Man compatibility rating is 10. You both are Fire Signs; the Aries Man has the kind of passion and honesty that you're looking for, and you have the kind of independence and courage he's seeking. You'll adapt to his quirks easily because of your Mutable nature, and his Cardinal nature will be satisfied. Jupiter and Mars work well with one another.

Focus your efforts and energy on trusting one another to avoid any problems.

The Elements

Both are Fire - This match of elements can create a blaze like no other; the passions will run high between you. As long as you can reassure him enough so that he doesn't become jealous, the chemistry will be close to perfect.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Cardinal - Your Mutable flexibility gives you the ability to adapt to his urge to lead, and his Cardinal drive will keep you excited and optimistic about the future of the relationship. Find a way to let him lead sometimes, and his trust in you will grow.

The Planets

Jupiter vs Mars - Jupiter and Mars are a great team in business and pleasure; Jupiter provides the ideas, and Mars provides the action that can bring them about. The trick is to let him think he is the idea person. You can do so without being deceptive, just like he can be protective without being jealous. It will take a little practice on both your parts, but the potential in this relationship is well worth the work.

Love and Romance

Your Aries Man may seem a little bossy from time to time, and occasionally does insist on getting his way, but the passion and romantic sentimentality he naturally possesses may very well make it worth overlooking his occasional emotional outbursts. In fact, with a little effort, you can share your sense of adventure and need for excitement in ways that help temper his tendency toward arrogance. At the same time, he not only will love your honesty and be comforting when you make a mistake, but he'll be fascinated by the fact that you seem to be lucky. If you've chosen him he'll know that this is an opportunity for love at a level he may not have previously imagined, and he'll let you know that right away.

The Keys to Success

Get past selfishness.

Once the two of you have gotten past your inborn selfishness (it's a fire sign thing) it will be almost impossible for anything to separate you. Because of the Sun being exalted in his sign, he'll have a harder time letting go of this selfishness than you will; you'll have to lead by example. Focus on getting him to places where he's never been, and you'll find this transformation easy.

Help him learn to compromise.

He may not be used to making compromises; but he can believe a "win-win" situation makes him a winner in two ways. You can introduce him to the value and advantage of mutual benefit, and you'll find him a much happier and better performing mate in all aspects of your relationship. The physical chemistry between you is automatic and powerful, and it too, will be enhanced once he puts a little more focus on your happiness.

Nip jealousy in the bud.

Because Sagittarian Women tend to have more male than female friends, he may have a hard time with jealousy. You can nip this in the bud by thinking of ways to let him know that he is more than just a friend. Add a few words of praise and he'll begin to understand, and give you the freedom and trust you crave.

Final Score: Sagittarius Woman Aries Man compatibility = 100%.

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