Zodiac Love Matches

Sagittarius Woman Capricorn Man

Our Sagittarius Woman and Capricorn Man compatibility rating is 5. The Fire Element can warm the Earth, but they do not show motives or feelings that are in accord with one another. The Mutable Sign can take direction from the Cardinal Sign, but is not as stable. The nature of Saturn is also restrictive to Jupiter.

This is a relationship that takes a lot of work.

The Elements

Fire vs Earth - Sometimes discordant elements can easily be reconciled, but in this case, they are not so favorable to one another. Earth can control the fire and make it useful, as in a hearth, but the strength of Fire can scorch the earth and make it barren.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Cardinal - You are a Mutable Sign, conversational and active. Capricorn is a Fixed Sign, persistent and reliable. Capricorn can teach you a lot, if you want to listen.

The Planets

Jupiter vs Saturn & Mars - Your planet, Jupiter, can be restricted by the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn. Mars is his exalted planet, however, which helps him adore and even idolize some of your traits.

Love and Romance

This is a curious pairing, because the Capricorn Man, although he's a Cardinal Sign, is not likely to be the one to get it started. You might not know how to approach him, however, because he does not like displaying his emotions openly. Being a Sagittarian Woman, you seek a life of fun and adventure, while he seeks a life of quiet and progress. Fun may be a driving concern of yours, while security is more important for him. He's likely to be attached to his family, but certainly doesn't act like a little boy; in fact, he probably engaged in adult behavior when he was a little boy. Quiet and reserved, acquisitive and practical, you'll probably feel like most other men you know are boisterous and ill-mannered after a conversation with him. Don't be in too much of a hurry to get something going with him, however. He takes his time to make important decisions, whether financial or romantic; he needs to have all the facts in and see them in the light of Saturn's wisdom. He admires your courage, boldness and independence, and whomever he admires, he treats with gentle affection. Don't think he is unloving or cold. He isn't. He just saves it for the right time and place.

The Keys to Success

He is about respect.

He is not a boyish, aggressive, forward person. You won't get any chest beating or cowboy yells from him. He's reserved and cautious, and cares about what other people might think, because he believes that one of the paths to security and success is respect, and he consciously demands, in his quiet and steady way, the respect of others.

Don't flaunt your wealth.

Don't expect him to let your extravagance and generosity to pass under his radar. He is possibly the most money conscious sign in the Zodiac, although he's not one to exhibit his wealth publicly. He's likely to live in comfort, but to him, that doesn't necessarily mean luxury. He doesn't desire to attract unnecessary attention to himself; he tends to protect himself with secrecy rather than by displaying his power.

Plan on being active well into old age.

Your man has an usual trait; the older he gets, the younger he acts and feels. Many very active men who have passed middle age have some influence from this sign. This also means that his energy and his drives remain active well into old age, and may last throughout his long, productive life.

Final Score: Sagittarius Woman Capricorn Man compatibility = 50%.

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