Zodiac Love Matches

Sagittarius Woman Gemini Man

Our Sagittarius Woman and Gemini Man compatibility rating is 7. The elements of your signs are in accord and you share the same astral quality. Additionally, the planets Jupiter and Mercury work very well together.

You'll have to put some work into adapting to each other's needs, but if you do, the effort will be worth it.

The Elements

Fire vs Air - In this relationship, you'll supply the enthusiasm, foresight and ambition; he will supply the ideas, imagination and wit. You're a Fire Sign and he's born in the Air Triad; chances are good that the passion he ignites in you will move him deeply.

The Qualities

Both are Mutable - You are both born in Mutable signs, making it easy for you to change and adapt to each others' habits and lifestyles. You operate in similar ways, but have very different approaches to achieving your goals, as described by the elements.

The Planets

Jupiter vs Mercury - Jupiter is the ruler of your sign; Mercury is the ruler of his. Neither one of you will harbor unrealistic expectations of the other. At the same time, your Jupiterian enthusiasm and warmth is just what the Mercurial Gemini needs in order to feel happy and fulfilled. It not likely that you'll have a sense of competition in your relationship, but that is something to look out for and avoid.

Love and Romance

It's natural for you to be attracted to a Gemini Man; his Sign is opposite yours in the Zodiac, and with all the opposites, the two form a balancing act. He's bright, funny and clever; sometimes too clever for your straightforward and honest Sagittarian heart. It will take some time to get used to his distracted and restless nature, but you're restless too, and are as ready to employ "travel therapy" as he is. Don't be too quick to broach the subject of commitment, though, because he values his freedom above almost anything. The physical chemistry between you is excellent, but you tend to focus on your ideals while he is focused on his ideas. The two of you can be extravagant when entertaining each other, but it's almost certain that you'll enjoy yourselves and each others' company; especially if you like trips to casinos, but you'll have to be especially careful. There's a definite tendency to go overboard financially when you're spending money together.

The Keys to Success

His moods can tell you what he is thinking.

Don't get too upset if your man gets into a sarcastic mood. It means that he is unhappy about something, and it's not likely to be you. A Sagittarius Woman is not likely to fall into a pattern like this, because you're far too honest to say something you don't mean, or in a way that twists the meaning. You may say things that others, especially him, misinterpret as being hurtful, but that's only because the truth hurts a lot of people, and often Geminis are among the wounded.

Don't plan to far in advance.

Try not to make too many plans for the future; his plans change as quickly as his moods. You'll probably notice right away that he's seldom on time, and always has a reason why he's done things differently from what was expected of him.

Mix it up.

You have a few things in common; it's important to emphasize them in your relationship with him. Try to bring as much variety into the relationship as possible by doing different things together; when he's bored, he may start playing mind games that make it more interesting for him, but could be frustrating for you.

Final Score: Sagittarius Woman Gemini Man compatibility = 70%.

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