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Sagittarius Woman Leo Man

Our Sagittarius Woman and Leo Man compatibility rating is 5. Sagittarius and Leo are born into the same elemental Triplicity; you are both Fire Signs. This is sometimes an automatic measure of compatibility, but, due to the nature of the sign qualities and the planets, it can be unusually difficult to reach a state of harmony.

This compatibility of this relationship is sometimes mistakenly highly rated... and with a quick glance that would appear to be true.

The Elements

Both are Fire - Two Fire Signs share their enthusiasm, optimism and impulsiveness, but the urge toward expansion of Jupiter and the self-centered nature of the Sun, in this case, seeds the support of other astrological factors in the individual horoscopes to keep from coming into a clash of ideals.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Fixed - Sagittarius is one of the adaptable Mutable Signs, Leo is one of the stubborn Fixed Signs. Both need a certain degree of maturity and understanding to keep from playing games that undermine the relationship.

The Planets

Jupiter vs the Sun - Jupiter and the Sun are normally friendly planets in astrology. Their signs, Leo and Aquarius, attract each other, but have different attitudes towards themselves that make it difficult to reach the harmony of ideals necessary for happiness, unless there are other supporting factors beyond the Sun-Signs alone.

Love and Romance

Although you are born into the same element, the idea of being happy to praise and admire a Leo Man is not something that comes to you naturally. This kind of admiration is, however, necessary for the Leo to maintain his self-confidence and generally happy demeanor. The attraction and the physical chemistry between you is strong. The Leo may begin testing your loyalty through attempting to be domineering, which is easy for him, because he has the habit of commanding rather than asking. As a Sagittarius Woman, you seek freedom, and his possessiveness is likely to rub you the wrong way. Before long, you'll begin testing him by refusing him the admiration he so desperately needs. If you make the first move to apologize, make up and move on, things are likely to work out. You'll have to; chances are good that he is unaware of how his selfishness started the whole thing in the first place. Barring major planetary afflictions, you'll both drop the accusations and judgmentalism, and have a wonderful relationship.

The Keys to Success

Sometimes, silence is the best answer.

Don't let him pressure you into accepting the blame for something you didn't do. When he does this, he's just trying to assert his control of his surroundings, probably because of his lack of control in other areas of life. Try to stay calm enough to speak with reason, and if that doesn't bring him down, refuse to flatter him by remaining silent. This usually works, and if it doesn't you'll know where things stand.

Don't prod the lion.

Be careful about making him the brunt of jokes or sarcasm. You are more philosophical by nature, and don't mind joining inn by laughing at yourself, when it's funny, but he simply can't stand being made to look foolish; he takes himself, his pride, and his reputation too seriously, but in time, he will.

Discuss and set boundaries early on.

It's better to set boundaries early with him, and remind him of what they are by spicing up your reminders with a little flattery. His habits have been ingrained for a very long time, and it takes almost as long a period of time to break them. In the meantime, you need to understand that your relationship is one of those that is the exception rather than the rule; usually people with matching elements do very well in relationships with one another.

Final Score: Sagittarius Woman Leo Man compatibility = 50%.

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