Zodiac Love Matches

Sagittarius Woman Libra Man

Our Sagittarius Woman and Libra Man compatibility rating is 8. The elements work well together and make for good chemistry, and they are supported by the astral qualities. The planets enhance one another in a favorable way that tends toward balance between you.

It's helpful if you start this relationship when you are young, as you both usually take quite awhile before you are ready to commit.

The Elements

Fire vs Air - The Fire element represents your optimism and enthusiasm. The Air element represents his incisive mind and social adeptness. Because the planets work well together, this can be a fun relationship.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Cardinal - The Mutable quality of your sign, Sagittarius, governs your freedom loving and adaptable nature. His Cardinal quality gives him the urge to lead. You probably won't mind letting him have the responsibility of leadership in this relationship.

The Planets

Jupiter vs Venus & Saturn - The enthusiasm and idealism of Jupiter (Sagittarius' ruling planet) blends well with the urge to harmony of Venus (ruler of Libra). Saturn is exalted in Libra, so it's likely that he'll be the more practical one of the pair.

Love and Romance

Sagittarian Women don't rush into long term relationships any easier than Libra Men do. So sometimes the younger you are when you get together, the better things work out. The reason is that he is likely to take plenty of time to determine whether or not he wants to be part of a couple. It's not that he doesn't care; his mental processes have to go over the pros and cons first. At the same time, you're likely to be pretty serious about love and somewhat idealistic; your favorite part if every fairy tale is the "happily ever after" part. You are also quite optimistic and love good conversation; probably the only other sign who can understand and appreciate this boundless optimism is Libra. The chemistry is excellent between you, and your honest humor and willingness to go out on a limb will keep him enthused and happy. You may need to tell him to make up his mind, and he may tell you that you're not being fair, but any arguments you have are likely to end up on a happy and passionate note.

The Keys to Success

Don't think your Libra Man is lazy.

Even though it "has a ring to it", it's a fallacy. Libra Men tend to be furiously active for a while, after which they need a period of rest. They have to balance work with calm in order to stay in balance. Don't try to force him into activity during his rest phase; you can turn him into a cranky tyrant if you do. Watch for and learn his pattern, and by working with it, he'll run like a well-oiled machine (Libra is the only sign represented by a machine).

He flirts sometimes.

Your man is likely to be mistaken for a flirt, especially when he's out and about on the social scene he loves so much. His overpowering smile and sharp mind are attractive to other women, and he's used to testing himself; he's probably been doing so all his life. If he loves you, however, this behavior is meaningless, and he'll be happy to demonstrate how meaningless it is.

Try tone down your honest criticisms.

There will be times when your blunt and painfully honest criticisms will hurt him deeply. He may not be able to express it fully, but after you've come up with your instant apology, he may work late or do something else in order to try to let you know how badly he's hurt. Talk these things out, and, over time, they'll get better.

Final Score: Sagittarius Woman Libra Man compatibility = 80%.

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