Zodiac Love Matches

Sagittarius Woman Pisces Man

Our Sagittarius Woman and Pisces Man compatibility rating is 5. The elements can easily overwhelm one another and this causes the quality to create tension, rather than balance. The planets combine in such a way that they can lead to blessings or disaster.

This is a very tricky match for both parties.

The Elements

Fire vs Water - Sagittarius is a strong enough Fire Sign that it can cause Pisces' water to boil away. Pisces is a strong enough Water Sign to drown Sagittarius' fire.

The Qualities

Both are Mutable - You are both Mutable (changeable) signs, and because of the elemental discord, one will probably dominate the other, but domination itself will lead to trouble. This is a delicate situation that needs both work and intuition to guide it.

The Planets

Jupiter vs Jupiter, Neptune, Venus Jupiter is the planet of Sagittarius, Jupiter and Neptune co-rule Pisces. Neptune adds a strong element of compassion, but also leads to escapism and pleasure seeking. Venus, who is exalted in Pisces, favors creativity and harmony.

Love and Romance

There are essentially two types of Pisces, those who are immersed in situations where their imaginations are given free reign and are appreciated, and those who are forced into situations that don't give them any growth. Many creative and artistic geniuses are counted in the first group, but men of the second group are difficult to deal with. As a Sagittarian Woman, you love the truth, and Pisces searches for it, but some Pisces may use it to their advantage by twisting it to suit their own purposes. Pisces loves to stay on the move, as you do, but many of them venture into places that most people won't go, seeking solace, stimulation and rescue from what they can easily convince you is an unfair world. A Pisces who has lost their way can also be a brilliant con-artist. Regardless of which type of Pisces you're interested in, they are charming, mysterious, and can get through skepticism and resistance with a smile. There is a common interest in the mystical and spiritual worlds between you; a large number of people from both your signs are deeply involved in religions, both conventional and unconventional. They might be tricky to get a handle on, but they may be the easiest sign of the Zodiac to love.

The Keys to Success

Beauty, charm, a wing and a prayer.

Your Pisces Man is likely to be beautiful and charming, and make it easy for anyone to believe in them. This is both their blessing and their curse, because they, being very flexible, have a tendency to use Neptune's hypnotic power to their advantage. Their minds are often mystical in orientation, and they tend to rely on prayer and luck more than of the other signs, including Sagittarius. Even though you can have a lot of fun with him, unless he's one of the success-oriented types, it will be difficult to tell where you're at with him.

Constructive criticism doesn't work.

When your temper flares, or you decide to engage in some constructive criticism with him, you'll be fighting a losing battle. Pisces treasures his freedom even more than you do, and hates arguments, or being told what to do. If his various slippery maneuvers don't work, he's more likely to go away than he is to stand up for himself.

It will be difficult to pin him down.

Most Pisces get what they want from life through others, and cannot stand being alone. They will adapt quickly to a good situation or a bad one, and are hard to pin down. Yet they are lovely, creative, fun and very hard to resist.

Final Score: Sagittarius Woman Pisces Man compatibility = 50%.

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