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Sagittarius Woman Scorpio Man

Our Sagittarius Woman and Scorpio Man compatibility rating is 4. The elements do not agree, and the qualities are not sympathetic to one another. The planets can work together, but you both will have to make many changes in order to have an enjoyable relationship.

It may feel like you are constantly fighting against the current in this relationship.

The Elements

Fire vs Water - Sagittarius is an enthusiastic, outgoing and impulsive Fire Sign. Scorpio is an intuitive, deliberate and emotional Water Sign. The differences in your character are not supported very well by the astral qualities or the planets.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Fixed - You were born in a Mutable or changeable sign, while he was born into a Fixed Sign. He tends to be protective and loyal, while you are more flexible and adaptable to your circumstances.

The Planets

Jupiter vs Mars & Pluto - Jupiter, your planet, is very gregarious and outgoing, but his planets, Mars and Pluto, tend to be quiet, determined and powerful. You may find your he does not like being out and about as much as you do.

Love and Romance

Being a Sagittarius Woman, your good humor will probably spread a lot of happiness among others. At the same time, your frankness or sarcasm will sometimes cross the line, and you should never cross that line with a Scorpio Man. If you have one of these silent-but-deadly men on your list of adventures, you need to realize that beneath that calm and friendly exterior lies an intense set of emotions; and those powerful emotions are kept well hidden from view in a Genie bottle that shouldn't be rubbed. As a Sagittarian Woman, you enjoy lots of activity, people and even animals around you. The typical Scorpio dislikes crowds and needs privacy. If he trusts you, he won't interfere with your activities, because he will understand them to be therapeutic. If you can work out a way to get him to tag along on your adventures, it means you've gained his friendship and trust. If you are successful, it will help him curb his possessiveness and his suspicions, and if you're really lucky (which you tend to be), he'll become fiercely protective and loyal. Talk to him; he's probably interested in whatever you are.

The Keys to Success

Let him know you will not be limited.

Let your him know right away that you have no desire to live under any form of limitation. You need social activity, time to pursue your personal interests, and direct contact with nature in order to thrive. If he truly loves you, his protective nature will enable him to do what's best for you.

Be honest and open with each other.

He respects strength of character and integrity; he is not attracted to those who don't stand up for themselves, or show weakness in the face of a crisis. You probably care about him for those convictions of his, being an idealist. Don't hide anything from him; if the relationship is not going the way you'd like it to, don't hold onto those thoughts, express them honestly and clearly. If you wait too long, you'll have an angry Scorpio who will then consider you no longer worthy of his time, effort and love. They are serious people; you don't want to lose a friend like a Scorpio.

Know that your chemistry is great.

The chemistry between you is fantastic, and it's not likely that you'll become tired of one another. If you get out into the country, or travel someplace you've never been, take your Scorpio along. It will resolve his suspicious nature, and may bring him around to a place where some of that optimism rubs off on him.

Final Score: Sagittarius Woman Scorpio Man compatibility = 40%.

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