Sagittarius: Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

About Sagittarius

Sagittarius is one of the dual-natured signs of the Zodiac, similar to Gemini and Pisces. Someone with this sign will usually find himself pulled in one of two directions. Either they become very athletic and activity-driven, or they become intellectually driven and are the "perpetual students" of the world.

Often very funny, this is a sign that is more than capable of using words to keep people at a distance. Argumentative when riled, they are not afraid to devolve into heated debates.

A Sagittarian approaches life with enthusiasm and optimism. They are rarely depressed and tend to offer encouragement to the people around them.

Forthright and honest, a Sagittarian doesn't always know how to state their opinions in a tactful way. They feel that honesty is best when it comes to expressing their opinion and have a hard time recognizing that not everyone else feels the same as they do.

Freedom is absolutely essential to this fire sign. A Sagittarian cannot stand to be restrained by rules or by people. The surest way to chase them off is to try to impose rules for them to follow. If they ever feel that their freedom is limited, they'll be the first to leave a relationship.

A Sagittarian needs to be challenged both intellectually and mentally in order for them to be at their happiest. When unhappy, they become restless and irritable.

In love, a Sagittarian is neither jealous nor possessive; and they won't tolerate or understand why their spouse might feel differently. They need someone who can stimulate them intellectually and who will keep them on their toes. However as soon as their spouse starts to impose rules or otherwise infringe on their time, they will have a tendency to get restless and might look elsewhere for companionship.

Not naturally obedient, they have a tendency to pick and choose which rules to obey and which ones to break. It helps as a child if they understand what the reason is behind certain rules, but that's still no guarantee that they'll abide by them.

Sagittarians love to travel and explore different areas. They sometimes have a hard time settling down and routine is not just boring but devastating for them.

There are two traits that this sign absolutely has to have in order to be happy. The first is freedom and the second is a good challenge.

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