Sagittarius: Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman

Want to know how to attract a Sagittarius woman? Express yourself with wit and intelligence and a Sagittarius woman will gladly engage in conversation with you. If you look like someone who is sought after by other suitors, the conversation can easily take on a flirtatious tone.

A Sagittarius woman loves to flirt but she hates wasting her time attracting wallflowers. Let her know you have an optimistic attitude and like to try new things and she will go out with you at least once.

Provide adventure

The more novelty and adventure you show her on that first date, the more she will become intrigued with you.

Take her to an Indian restaurant and then browse the shops in the Indian section of town. Attend a psychic fair or take a tango lesson together. Attend an energetic political rally for a cause you both believe in, or go bike riding together.

The more sense of mental and physical movement you can pack into the evening, the better. Avoid boring her at all costs.

Don't try to fence her in

Don't start talking about choosing china patterns and having kids together after a couple weeks of dating your Sag woman. They tend to shy away from commitment.

If you're the kind of guy that feels the need to keep their partner on a short leash, this is not the girl for you. Continue to keep things light and fun when you get together. If she feels you are trying to build a fence around her, she may bolt.

Keep up with her

You should have enough energy to keep up with her. Sagittarians don't tire easily and they don't have a lot of patience for people with lower physical energy levels. Her attraction to you will thrive as long as you enjoy her assertiveness and share her willingness to try new things.

In addition to keeping the pace up, make sure that you are willing to remain open minded if you wish to have a long-term relationship with this girl. You need to be willing to try new things and expand your mind on a regular basis.

Start as friends

Although Sagittarius women bring fire and passion to their romance, they also need to bond with their partners as friends. Shared ideas and experiences form the glue of a relationship for Sag.

Although she expects a certain degree of freedom from her partner, and gives it in return, she will lose her attraction to you if your connection to each other dwindles to conversations about just the mundane and routine.

The health of your union will depend on the interests and beliefs you have in common. If she cares deeply about Buddhism, motorcycles and animal rights, she wants a mate who meditates, can tell the difference between a Harley and a Suzuki and refrains from eating meat.

Have a free-spirited approach to life

Unless your Sagittarius woman has chosen a career in a conservative field like law or diplomacy, she probably has a fairly bohemian attitudes. Rather than vacationing at a resort, she might want to go kayak camping or attend the Burning Man Festival.

If the two of you become a couple, she may suggest you both move out of state or even out of the country and start a business in your new abode. The more your share this free-spirited approach to life, the better you and Sag will get along.

You may, however, need to provide some practical input to balance her wilder ideas-some Sagittarians lack a well-developed sense of practicality. Learn to offer rational advice without seeming to clip her wings.

If you are going to learn how to attract a Sagittarius woman, these are things you must keep in mind... not just at the beginning of the relationship, but throughout as well.