Sagittarius: Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

Sagittarius Characteristics

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and relates to the element of fire and the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest of the planets in our solar system bears the name of the king of the Roman gods. Sagittarius is characteristically fun-loving, adventurous, intelligent, humorous, and arrogant.

Jupiter, also referred to as Jove, is the Roman equivalent of the Greek king of the gods, Zeus.

As ruler of the gods, Jupiter played the role of law-giver. Greek mythology abounds with stories about Zeus wandering away from his marriage with queen of the gods, Hera, to mate with mortals. Both the good and bad attributes of Sagittarians trace back to Jupiter. The figure of an archer drawing back a bow symbolizes Sagittarius. This figure is sometimes a centaur rather than a human.


Sagittarius have well deserved reputation for being fun-loving, witty and charming. They have lively and curious minds and enjoy meeting new people, especially if those people represent an opportunity for Sag to mingle with a different culture, country or generation than his/her own.

Sag's can feel completely comfortable attending a party full of strangers and will characteristically turn a couple of those strangers into friends before the night ends.


Sagittarius characteristics include wanderlust and a love of travel. Many of them have a bohemian side so if they lack funds they will happily backpack and hostel their way through a foreign country, even if they don't speak the language. Sag tends to have a natural buoyant optimism, which makes them see hesitancy, shyness and fear as unnecessary barriers to adventure.


On the job, happy-go-lucky Sagittarians tend to exhibit a more serious face. People born under this sign often have a keen intellect and a concern with law. They may work in the legal field as judges or lawyers.

Many of them also work in advertising or as politicians, teachers, religious leaders and engineers. They love occupations which allow them to parse truth from lies, adjudicate disputes, write laws and introduce people to new concepts. They tend to see themselves as leaders naturally suited to the role of shaping society.


The sign is also known for its wit. Sagittarius's ability to poke fun at absurd situations while maintaining a straight face makes them excellent comedians. Some famous Sag comedians include Jon Stewart, Margaret Cho, Woody Allen, Sarah Silverman and Richard Pryor. Nineteenth century author and humorist Mark Twain was also a Sagittarian.


Sagittarius loves to learn and may continue to take classes and even acquire new degrees well into their retirement years. They also love to teach and often have a talent for instructing others.

However, the field of teaching offers ample opportunities for arrogance, one of the flaws to which Sag is prone. Some Sagittarians may see themselves as infallible gurus. They may come to look upon everyone with whom they come into contact as less intelligent or less evolved students/disciples.

If they lose a balancing sense of their own flaws, Sagittarius can become dangerous. James Arthur Ray, who was convicted of negligent homicide when a sweat lodge ceremony he conducted as part of one his "spiritual warrior" classes resulted in three deaths, is a Sagittarian.