Sagittarius: Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

Sagittarius in Love

What is Sagittarius in love like? Sagittarius is as wild as they say, but once they find their true love most Sagittarians become tender and sentimental. But the Archer may shoot several quivers full of romantic arrows before one hits true and strikes a lasting flame in the heart of this fire sign.

Sagittarians' gregarious nature means they prefer to always have a partner, but dating, living with, being engaged to or even marrying a Sag does not guarantee the two of you will stay together forever.

Sagittarians often see their desires as a law unto themselves. Sagittarian Brad Pitt's love life exemplifies the classic Sag exploration of very different types of partners until finding the ideal.


Sag tends to react to shy people as if they have a possibly contagious disease.

They want partners who share their bold confidence. For Sag, courage and aplomb matter as much or more than high cheekbones and a head-turning body.


That sense of self-assurance often proves necessary for anyone who pairs with a Sagittarius since Archers, even if they remain firmly loyal to their partners, love to flirt.

For most Sagittarius's flirting offers a fun way to build a verbal bridge with a new acquaintance. Since Sag loves to befriend as many people as possible, flirting seems to them like a natural way to expand their social infrastructure.


The fire of a Sagittarius in love needs air to breath and grow.

Sagittarians cannot love someone who tries to curtail their freedom. Your partnership with Sagittarius will succeed if you either share their love or socializing, travel and exploring.

Most Sag's possess a high degree of physical energy and a Sagittarius in love will generate even more. They want their partners to share that, whether it means mountain biking or going horseback riding all day.

If you occasionally want to stay home, avoid any appearance of trying to hem Sag in by making it clear you don't mind if he/she goes out alone.


The Centaur Archer runs on four legs and can't figure out why everyone else falls behind. The Archer wants a mate who can keep up mentally as well as on the hiking trail. Sag's tend to have extensive home libraries covering a wide range of subjects.

They want partners who can comfortably segue from a discussion of science fiction novels to current foreign policy to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt to the varieties of Buddhism practiced in different countries.

Sag's style of discussion may include serious consideration of facts and speculation about future possibilities along with witty observations, but rarely delves into feelings and emotions, since these can seem too watery to Sag, dousing the conversational fire.


Most Sagittarians have a zero-tolerance policy for lies, and that includes a Sagittarius who is in love. They will offer no court of appeal to a mate who engages in even minor "white lies."

Sags can often forgive a partner for cheating but not for lying about it. It is not often that any of them will create rationale to justify deviating from the truth either. This is one of the most honest signs in the zodiac.