Sagittarius: Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

Sagittarius Personality

The Sagittarius personality is one of a adventurous risk-taker. These optimistic individuals quest endlessly for new experiences, wisdom and enlightenment. However, Sagittarians usually have issues with responsibility, commitment, or structure, they see these things as traps rather than sources of happiness or security.

Ruled by exuberant Jupiter, Sagittarius is the sign that governs some of the world's foremost thinkers, philosophers, teachers, and explorers.

The Sagittarius personality is one of incurable optimist; they always sees the best in everyone and everything. As such, they are fearless when it comes to confronting the new or the unknown.

They see life as a smorgasbord of experiences and discoveries just waiting to be had. You can bet that your typical Sagittarius will do their best to tackle as many as they possibly can during their time here on earth.

The Ninth House of Travel and Adventure

The third house of the cosmos was the sector in charge of concepts such as short-distance travel, personal thought, and quick communications. As its natural foil located exactly opposite in position, the ninth house governs similar concepts, only on a much broader, deeper scale.

Its concerns are with higher education and long-distance travel - especially when it comes to other cultures or faraway lands. This house also governs adventure and exploration of all sorts.

We see the influence of this energetic and powerful house in the typical Sagittarius personality's wanderlust and high stamina levels. A Sagittarius who doesn't love to travel, read, and learn is rare indeed. Sagittarius natives who aren't extremely active, energetic, and mobile in general are even harder to find.

The influence of house nine can also be seen in the Sagittarian perception of limitations and rules as being no better than traps and snares made to fence them in. These are folks who require their freedom in order to be their best, happiest, and most productive. The Sagittarius personality revolves around freedom.

Fire: The Element of Motion, Warmth, and Energy

Sagittarius is one of the three zodiac signs ruled by the energetic, passionate element of fire. Fire signs like Sagittarius are typically very warm and vibrant signs that bring light and vitality to every life and space that they touch.

They are also usually unpredictable and irrepressible, although they are only all the more entertaining and likeable for these traits. However, fire personalities do have a tendency to lack self control and discipline in some areas, so care should be taken to cultivate these qualities in order to maintain balance in life.

We see the influences of fire in Sagittarius's strong ability to live in the moment and be courageous. The Sagittarius personality sees no reason to fear the new or unknown, because they view the entire world as a beautiful adventure just waiting to unfold before them.

These are eternal optimists who never miss a beat and whom adversity can't keep down for long. Their energy and stamina knows no bounds and that alone takes them further than most.

Jupiter: Planet of Expansion and Grace

In Roman mythology, Jupiter was the king of all the gods, so naturally the planet named after him is one of the biggest, grandest, and most powerful of them all. We see Jupiter's influence on the Sagittarius personality in the way those born under this sign are almost always larger than life, as is their approach to just about any experience or situation.

This planet moves these people to think, act, and live big in every sense of the word. It also grants them more than the usual share of luck. Things always seem to go Sagittarius's way and they have mighty Jupiter to thank for that.