Sagittarius: Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

Sagittarius Sign Meaning

Want to know the meaning of the Sagittarius sign? Sagittarius (the Centaurian Archer) is the 9th sign of the Zodiac, and the 3rd, and last of the Fire Signs. This fiery nature is different from that of Aries and Leo, in that its directness and honesty isn't used to achieve a goal or prove themselves, it is unconscious and, more often than not, unintentional.

What is on a Sagittarians mind immediately comes out of their mouths; a Sagittarian is seldom tactful, and when you meet one that is, they thankfully had a bevy of milder and more considerate Zodiacal influences active on their day of birth.

Sagittarius is also the third of the four mutable or dual signs; this is clearly seen in the typical Sagittarian wanderlust and their inability to keep still.

The symbol of Sagittarius was often drawn up as an archer in medieval and renaissance frescoes, but classically Sagittarius was not only an archer, but also a centaur; the famous half-horse, half- human creature of the Greek myths.

Some think that the original model for this image was Chiron, the centaur that taught medicine to the ancient Greek sages.

The house of Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet that has to do with the expansion of human boundaries, through adventure, travel, philosophy and religion, and Sagittarius is used to symbolize these activities in most astrological writing throughout the world.

Jupiter people tend to be friendly and gregarious, but because of the elemental nature of this Fire Sign, Sagittarians are known to breach protocol or make embarrassing statements because of how blatantly honest they tend to be.

Jupiter is also called the planet of "expansion" in many modern textbooks, and this may explain why the Sagittarian temper is prone to flare-ups from time to time.

But these wrathful fits usually don't last long; people born under this sign have a way of making up that may even cause a Scorpio to let bygones be bygones.

Much of the trouble Sagittarians get themselves into is the result of their tendency to shoot first and ask questions later; consideration of the consequences usually comes after the word has been spoken or the deed has been done.

The basic Sagittarian personality

Sagittarian people love putting on a show for others; you'll find them capable of doing almost anything for applause, but are usually not found among stand up comedians; their awkwardness is often employed to their advantage in ensemble performances, however.

This love of entertaining is nothing compared to their love of travel; it's rare to meet a Sagittarian who has never left their place of birth in their entire lives. Many of the people born under this sign of Jupiter have luggage at the ready; it would be a good bet to assume that a Sagittarius you know has more frequent flyer miles than every other sign put together.

They tend to be brave in their own way, and often are accused of being somewhat naive. Many Sagittarians are followers of a particular religion or philosophy, if not ministers or professors or vocal adherents of what they have come to believe in.

The people born under this sign tend to take risks, and if not gamblers, they'll take risks in love, diving into romance in a sort of reckless way, because they know that, despite their mistakes and gaffes, that luck, or their guardian angel, or "someone upstairs" is looking out for them; and they usually are right.

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