Zodiac Love Matches

Scorpio Woman Cancer Man

Our Scorpio Woman and Cancer Man compatibility rating is 8. The elements are identical and the qualities, because of this and the planetary influences on your signs, complement each other in a special way. Your physical chemistry is excellent.

Trust between you will add another point to the relationship.

The Elements

Both are Water - You both belong to the elemental Water Triplicity, which signifies the almost instant emotional connection between you. You have the ability to understand each other on a very deep level; this is something that both of you have probably looked for, yet have had a hard time finding.

The Qualities

Fixed vs Cardinal - The Cardinal Sign Cancer is bent on leadership, the Fixed Sign Scorpio is an organizer and gives structure to what is started by the Cardinal Sign. This is a good working combination in your case.

The Planets

Mars & Pluto vs the Moon & Jupiter - Your co-ruler, Pluto, when combined with your ancient ruler, Mars, makes you the stronger or more aggressive member of the couple. The receptive Moon and his generous, exalted Jupiter will give you plenty of support in several mysterious ways. Together you can sweep away any obstacles that you might face, but only if you work in harmony.

Love and Romance

Imagination, gentleness and loyalty are only of the few qualities that you share with one another. Your co-ruler, Pluto, drives your emotions with a powerful intensity, while his feelings change like the phases of the Moon. At the same time, you both keep your sensitivity locked away inside a protective outer "shell"; both your Zodiacal images have hard outer coverings and soft insides. It may take some time to understand the way he deals with trouble; he will try to avoid it until he can find the best strategy. You, on the other hand, do not back down from challenges of any nature, and may find his behavior curious. The typical Cancer Man is possessive, and you may feel somewhat limited in terms of following your personal pursuit, but more often than not, his tenderness and charming (and funny) ways make up for occasional bouts of jealousy. It won't take long to learn to trust him; he craves security, both emotionally and materially, and won't take the chance of ruining either.

The Keys to Success

Let him know you won't be laughed at.

He has a great sense of humor, but may sometimes unthinkingly tend to sarcasm or teasing. You'll need to let him know right from the beginning that you love laughing with people, but can't stand being laughed at. He's also sensitive, and will understand; plus, he has no desire to feel your Martian stinger.

Share your secrets with each other.

Both of you are secretive. You're better at keeping them than he is, but he is more sensitive about others learning his than you are. Neither of you can abide having secrets kept from you. If you can learn to discuss these things, your elemental emotional harmony can elevate you both to a new level of happiness and love, but it may be the most difficult thing either of you has to do in life.

His caution is not lack of courage.

You may not understand his cautious nature at first, but soon you'll learn that this is a defense mechanism against being hurt. Don't take it as a lack of courage; he prefers to assess his possibility for success before making a move, rather than depending on his skills or strengths and hoping for the best. This strategy will serve him well financially, and it will do well to observe him closely, because he's doing it out of devotion to you.

Final Score: Scorpio Woman Cancer Man compatibility = 80%.

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