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Scorpio Woman Libra Man

Our Scorpio Woman and Libra Man compatibility rating is 5. The elements have a chance of working together, although it's a challenge for both of you to understand each other's motivations. The astral qualities of the signs are the same way, because you are not prone to follow Libra's lead. However, the planets try to harmonize everything.

With some insight and understanding into the other's personality and motives, you can add another point to the relationship.

The Elements

Water vs Air - Scorpio is a Water Sign, and focused emotionally. Libra is an Air sign, and tends to do things from a mental or intellectual perspective. Thanks to the planets, these motives and goals often can harmonize.

The Qualities

Fixed vs Cardinal - Scorpio, being a fixed sign, has a firmness of conviction. Libra is tries to lead others by their belief in just and fair action. This divergence of method can cause some friction between you.

The Planets

Mars & Pluto vs Venus & Saturn Your sign is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. Libra's planetary ruler is the peace-loving Venus, and his exalted planet is the practical Saturn. These planets will work together well, but require that you both want to meet on common ground.

Love and Romance

As a Scorpio Woman, you're probably already aware of the power of your penetrating insight. Libra Men are known to bowl men over with their charm, intelligence and good manners. You, however, can see right through him, and know immediately whether his intentions are serious or not. Libra Men tend to be flirtatious, so you need to let him know right away that you aren't interested in a casual relationship; this works well for him, because neither is he. He may arouse your jealousy, but you can be proactive; as much as you love secrecy, don't keep your outrage from him. Give him a fair chance to prove his integrity and loyalty before you let your frustration transform into Plutonian fury, because he won't be able to negotiate his way out of treating you with disrespect. The chemistry between you can be quite wonderful, and the debates and discussions that result from his talkative and curious nature can certainly be fun, so if you're willing to do the work, this can be a great relationship.

The Keys to Success

Use your skill of "Gentle Persuasion" on him.

You can find his changes of mood frustrating, but your skill at "gentle persuasion" has the ability to bring him back into balance. You are also one of the few signs who can shorten his decision making process; he may be a little shocked at first by the strength of your convictions, but after you've seen straight through his pros and cons and come up with the right decisions a few times, some of that strength will probably rub off on him.

Help him learn to see your point of view.

Most of your disagreements will probably be based on your his efforts to make you give in to his choices, or see his point of view. You won't give in, but he will keep trying. These discussions will usually give way to his sentimental and peace loving nature, but the idea of "losing" (his idea) will cause him to try again. This is a lesson that Libra Men need to learn, and you, as a Scorpio Woman, are willing to teach.

Avoid being possessive.

He may be happy with the intensity of your passion, but he's likely to feel quite unhappy with the intensity of your possessiveness. It's easy for the two of you to talk over trust issues, though, because you'll know where he's at with one of your Scorpio gazes.

Final Score: Scorpio Woman Libra Man compatibility = 50%.

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