Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

About Scorpio

Want to know about Scorpio? Scorpio's have a tendency to be attracted to dangerous activities as well as anything mysterious. They are naturally curious and enjoy puzzling out the mysteries around them.

Whatever grabs their attention will be thoroughly explored before they move on to something else.

Like any other water sign, Scorpios are very sensitive to the emotions of people around them. Their feelings are easily stirred, although usually hidden behind a perfectly calm demeanor. However, no slight goes unnoticed or unforgiven, and they are known to be ruthless. They hold onto grudges and nurse hurt feelings until they can retaliate. This is one sign that you definitely don't want to get on the bad side of.

Scorpios are also very sensual creatures. Intimacy is important to them and they need partners who can keep up with them. They are very loyal but also extremely jealous and have little tolerance for a partner that flirts with others. They have a tendency to be over protective with their loved ones and that can lead to a tendency to be controlling.

The Scorpion is a great strategist. They know how to get what they want, when they want it. This is a great trait to have in the military, when they're in charge of planning out battles. However it can be viewed as manipulative when information is used against people in a business environment. Because they are so in tune with another's emotions, they know exactly which buttons to push to get the desired outcome, and they're not afraid to push them.

They have a very compelling personality that draws people in to them. Once you become their whole focus you can't help but feel like you're the center of their world. They attract a lot of followers but make very few close friends. What few friends they have, they keep their whole life.

Scorpions are not followers. They don't have the patience for it. They live their own life and expect others to march to their beat or get out of the way.

Scorpios are secretive. While they enjoy delving into other peoples mysteries, they have no desire to share their own private thoughts. They're actually very sensitive and thoughtful, but you'll never know that unless they allow you to.

Scorpio's are hard workers. They excel in the working environment and usually rise to the top. They work hard, but only work at what they want to do. They're quick to take on extra responsibility and often prove themselves invaluable to those around them. However they're not team players. They're built to lead and they never follow for long.

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